Genealogy To-Dos – September Wrap-Up

This has been a very busy month.  When I wrote my to-do list for September, I didn’t take into account that I would gone on vacation for eight days.  I still got almost everything done, but I had to work hard to do it.  Work is the operative word here; for the last week or so, genealogy has felt more like work and less like fun.


  • Write 8 blog posts (not including “On this date” posts) – my first priority here is to write up my notes from FGS and also do 1 Women’s Timeline post. – I actually wrote 11.


  • Process 4 emails from my genealogy inbox (this includes due diligence to verify facts & then entering info in database). – 5 done.
  • Transcribe Jim Butler military records received in July and enter into database. – After looking more closely at the records (which were all forms), I decided that extracting the information was a better idea than transcribing.  Done.
  • Work on Butler Ahnentafel report due diligence: my goal is to complete pp. 14 and 15. –  Done.
  • Start researching the Dave Butler whitecapping case. This would be a good opportunity to test drive using a research plan. - I didn’t do this and have actually decided to put this project on the backburner.

Database Work:

  • As I said last month, I have a lot of duplicate notes resulting from a recent software conversion, so I’m working on deleting the duplicates. This month I want to do the surnames starting with J and K.  In addition to J and K, I also completed L.
  • I also have some facts that didn’t convert, so I want to make sure they are all entered this month, so I can stop worrying about losing that data.  This is done.  I am so glad I don’t have to think about this anymore.


  • Continue working on The Notebook Project – I’m on Harris and I want to complete 200 names.  Oh, this was tough.  200 names is a lot, a lot, a lot, but I got it done.
  • Complete Lessons 4 & 5 in NGS “Family History Skills” online course.   I did Lesson 6 also, which completed the course.

Database Statistics

  • Individuals:  2846
  • Families:  951
  • Unique Surnames:  595
  • Sources:  406

All in all, I give myself an A+ for September.  My hope for October is that I can be as productive but that I won’t feel burned out at the end of the month.  Check back tomorrow for my October To-Do list.

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