Live from the Beacon of Bloggers

I’m blogging live from the Beacon of Bloggers at the Atlanta Family History Expo.  This is my second stint in the Beacon today.  With me now are Linda Mccauley, Angela Walton-Raji, Amy Coffin, and Dear Myrtle.  We’ve just watched Dear Myrtle help a new blog be born.

A lot of people stopped by in the last break, asked questions, and are excited about starting their own blogs or starting to read blogs.

Others still don’t get why we would want to blog, but that’s okay.

I am talking with Ed Swillen.  He doesn’t read blogs, but has thought about writing one.  He’s here at Expo with his wife and has attended classes on German research and blogging.  He’s learned that there were two groups of German immigrants – those who came  in the 1700’s and those who came over later, as well as many more details that I won’t include here.

If you are at Expo and haven’t stopped by the Beacon of Bloggers yet, come on down.

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