Weekly Updates for 2010-11-17

RT @benotforgot: #familyhistory Wordless Wednesday :: Forget-Me-Not Day http://bit.ly/cFO9x4 #genealogy # On the road to #fhexpo # Just arrived at hotel in Atlanta. #fhexpo # All checked in at #fhexpo I'm early, which is so unlike me. Excited for the day to start! #genealogy # Holly Hansen speaking. #fhexpo # Great people to #FF @leenygirl […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Richard & Vadah Kendrick


Francis Richard Kendrick was born 10 October 1904, probably in Murray County, Georgia1.  He died 18 October 1986, also in Murray County2.  Vadah Octavia Whitener was born 16 Apr 19053 in Tennessee4.  She died in 16 January 1998 in Murray County5. Richard and Vadah were married 23 July 1922 in Murray County6.  Richard was my […]

On this date. . .the 16th of November

Births Doshia Amanda (Townsend) Roberts was born in 1882 in Georgia. Deaths Mary Garrett died in 1703 in Pennsylvania. Ludwig Albright died in 1810 in Orange County, North Carolina (my 7th great-grandfather). Sarah Elizabeth (Hemphill) Bruce died in 1894. Malinda Josephine (Hemphill) Butler died in 1933 in Murray County, Georgia (my 2nd great-grandmother). Click on […]

The Census Project: Redesigned

Census records are a great basic source of information and easily accessible, now that all publicly-released census years are indexed and the images are available on the internet.  I’ve collected census records ever since I started doing genealogy; however, I haven’t been consistent in how I handled them.  Basically, I have three different kinds of […]

On this date. . .the 15th of November

Marriages Anna Barbara Dellinger and Hans Michel Weber were married in 1687. Anna Margaretha Ibler and Johan Georg Renner were married in 1757. Benjamin Burgin and Leah Mann were married in 1772 in Old Fort, North Carolina (my 6th great-grandparents). Robert Hemphill and Mary Queen were married in 1812. Rachel Hemphill and Thomas Whiteside were […]

On this date. . .the 13th of November

Births Elijah Marion Ellis was born in 1823 in Buncombe County, North Carolina (my 3rd great-grandfather). Mills Flack was born in 1838. Marthann Josephine Forrester was born in 1853. Annie G. Hemphill was born in 1872 in Georgia. Deaths Walter Ellis died in 1821 in Jackson County, Georgia (my 5th great-grandfather). Marriages Solomon Browning and […]

Live from the Beacon of Bloggers

I’m blogging live from the Beacon of Bloggers at the Atlanta Family History Expo.  This is my second stint in the Beacon today.  With me now are Linda Mccauley, Angela Walton-Raji, Amy Coffin, and Dear Myrtle.  We’ve just watched Dear Myrtle help a new blog be born. A lot of people stopped by in the […]