The 1930 Household of Frances T. Kendrick

Murray County Census 1930

Census abstract1:

  1. Frances T. Kendrick, Head, rented home, lives on a farm, male, white, age 53, married, age at first marriage was 25, did not attend school during the year, literate, b. GA, father b. TN, mother b. GA, English speaker, farmer on a farm, worked on his own account, employed, not a veteran, farm schedule #81.
  2. Lizzie W., wife and homemaker, female, white, age 43, married, age at first marriage 31, did not attend school, literate, b. GA, father b. SC, mother b. TN, English speaker, no occupation.
  3. Daisy M., daughter, female, white, age 16, single, did not attend school, literate, she and both parents born in GA, English speaker, no occupation.
  4. Roy E., son, male, white, age 11, single, attended school, literate, he and both parents b. GA, English speaker, no occupation.
  5. F. Lucile, daughter, female, white, age 10, single, attended school, literate, she and both parents b. GA, English speaker, no occupation.
  6. Ruby V., daughter, female, white, age 8, single, attended school, literate [yes marked out, but written in again], she and both parents b. GA, English speaker left blank [census enumerators were instructed to leave this field blank for those under the age of 10], no occupation.
  7. [Living]

The family lived on Caylor Settlement Road, in the Tenth District of Murray County, Georgia.

Caylory Road, Murray County, GA

Analysis of the data:

1. According to this census, Francis T. Kendrick was born approximately 1877. His death certificate and World War I registration card both state 13 Jan 1876.2 3 All other census records imply birth years of 1876 or 1877; this is not a significant difference and the census data support the birth date of 13 Jan 1876.

2. Based on the ages at first marriage, France had a prior marriage that occurred about 1902. In fact, marriage records show that he married Cora Lee Fouts on 18 Aug 1902.4

3. Although 31 is old for a first marriage, especially for a female, the implied marriage year for France and Lizzie of 1918 is supported by their marriage record, which states a marriage date of 20 October 1917.5 Moreover, a search of Murray County marriage records shows no prior marriage for her and she had no children prior to this marriage.

4. France and Lizzie had been married 12 years, which means the oldest child in the household, Daisy M. (age 16) was from France’s prior marriage. Daisy (aka Mae) was not in her father’s household in 1920; she may appear with a relative of her mother’s.

5. The birthdates for Roy, Lucille, and Ruby are about 1919, 1920, and 1922, respectively, but more information is needed.

The Neighbors

Elizabeth Shown Mills says we should look at 25 households on each side of our ancestor6.  For the Francis T. Kendrick household, this takes us from Halls Chapel Settlement Road, through Caylor Settlement Road to Beaverdale Road.

I’m not convinced that the people on these roads would be considered “neighbors,” but this is the path taken by the census enumerator, so we’ll go with it, since all are in the same enumeration district.  Surnames include Baxter, Beavers, Brock, Bryant, Callahan, Carr, Caylor, Cookerly, Crider, Croy, Curd, Davis, Deal, Dixon, Douthett, Dunn,  Hagler, Hampton, Henry, Hicks, Higgings, James, Langford, Langston, Lankford, Mantooth, McEntire, Patterson, Petty, Plemons, Pritchett, Richards, Shields, Slaughter, Sluder, Stroud, Wattenbarger, Whittle, and Wilson.

Since I transcribed records for all these households, I thought it would interesting to look at some summary information on the neighborhood.  In the 51 households, there were 238 residents, meaning that the average household was comprised of 4.7 people.  As expected, most homemakers were the wife of the head of household; however 22% were another person, either the head, or a sister, daughter, etc.  57% owned their home, while 43 % were renters.  Only 2 of the 51 households had a radio set.  Almost all lived on a farm.  All were white and their average age was 25.   One person was divorced, 81 were married, 137 were single, and 19 were widowed.  Females usually married for the first time at age 21, while males waited until they were 24.  Without taking into account age, 19% of the females had attended school during the year, compared to 22% of the males.  Almost everyone was literate; only six of the residents over the age of 10 could not read and write.  88% of the residents were born in Georgia, with most of the rest from Tennessee and a smattering of people from Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oklahoma.  Furthermore, their parents were mostly from either Georgia or Tennessee, with a few other states represented.  Almost everyone was engaged in farming, but there was one bookkeeper, one road-worker, and one traveling salesman.7

Other Kendricks and Wests in Murray County

There were three other Kendrick households in the immediate vicinity, headed by D. Ernest, Franca M., and Mary L.  I do not know who these people are yet, but I assume they were related to France.  There were no Wests in the 50 surrounding households.

The county as a whole contained 60 Kendricks in 11 households.  These households are headed by Francis M. (Francis T.’s father), Jasper N. (Francis T.’s brother), Samuel H. (Francis T.’s brother), Thomas J. (unknown relationship), William W. (probably Francis T.’s nephew), James A. (possibly Francis T.’s brother), and Dolph (Francis T.’s brother).

The county contains 41 Wests in seven households.  The West households are headed by William A. (unknown relationship), James (Lizzie’s brother), W. Marion (Lizzie’s brother), Joe (unknown relationship), Macon L. (unknown relationship), Charles E. (unknown relationship), and Robert (Lizzie’s brother),

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