On this date. . .the 25th of December

by Tonia Kendrick on December 25, 2010 in On this date


  • Sarah Caroline (Baxter) Chable was born in 1848 in Murray County, Georgia.
  • James Henry Johnson was born in 1877.
  • George Washington Roberts was born in 1878 in Murray County, Georgia.


  • Benjamin Burgin was christend in 1741 in Shrewsbury Parish, Maryland (my 6th great-grandfather).


  • John Patterson died in 1878.


  • Elizabeth Ellis and Abram Nelson were married in 1799 in Greene County, Georgia.
  • David Newton Lankford and Clara Presswood were married in 1887.
  • James Alexander Hemphill and Nancy Alice Roberts were married in 1897 in Murray County, Georgia (my great-grandparents).
  • Frances Louella Adair and Elijah Monteville Roberts were married in 1898 in Murray County, Georgia.

I like to see all the Christmas weddings!

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