Walter P. Hemphill: Analysis of a Death Certificate

Hemphill genealogyThis is another Georgia death certificate that I located via a search at FamilySearch Labs (read more about finding Georgia Death Certificates).  Walter P. Hemphill was my great-grandfather’s brother, making him my second-great-uncle.  I knew a little about Walter prior to finding this death certificate, but it also provided several new bits of information and is a primary  source for some data and a secondary source for other data.

New information

Death place:  Oglethorpe, Macon County, Georgia

Spouse’s maiden name:  I knew his wife was named Henrietta from a census record.  Now I know that she was born Henrietta Littlefield.

Daughter’s residence:  Nellie, his oldest daughter, was the informant on the death certificate, so I learned that she also lived in Oglethorpe in 1930.

Occupation:  had something to do with Telephones, but part of the entry is illegible.


Death date:  05 Mar 1930 – I had 06 Mar 1930 from a secondary source; clearly the death certificate is more reliable for this fact.


Birth:  Oct 1869 (I have October 12 from another source).

His parents are named as James Hemphill and Mary Eliza [this should be Elizabeth] McEntire.

Birth place:  Georgia – this is consistent with census data on Walter, although I had hoped for something more specific.

Research To-Dos

Look for marriage license for Walter and Henrietta.

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