On this date. . .the 4th of January

Births Sarah (Lillard) O’Neal was born in 1833 in Polk County, Tennessee. Isaac N. Stuart was born in 1880. Deaths Pernelia (Jarrett) Whiteside died in 1864 in Randolph County, Arkansas. Martha Jane (Butler) Ward died in 1909 in Bartow County, Georgia. Marriages Andrew Dave Baxter and Mary Lowery were married in 1849 in Murray County, […]

Walter P. Hemphill: Analysis of a Death Certificate

Hemphill genealogy

This is another Georgia death certificate that I located via a search at FamilySearch Labs (read more about finding Georgia Death Certificates).  Walter P. Hemphill was my great-grandfather’s brother, making him my second-great-uncle.  I knew a little about Walter prior to finding this death certificate, but it also provided several new bits of information and […]

On this date. . .the 3rd of January

Deaths Silas Ellis died in 1873 in Blount County, Alabama. Blanche G. (Hemphill) Stanford died in 1977 in Floyd County, Georgia. Marriages Anna Debord and Hiram W. Searcy were married in 1824 in Rutherford County, North Carolina (my 4th great-grandparents). Ruby V. Kendrick and J. D. Sanford were married in 1941 in Murray County, Georgia.

On this date. . .the 2nd of January

Births Elizabeth W. (Melton) Lawson was born in 1814 in Tennessee. Minerva (O’Neal) Hannah was born in 1837 in Tennessee. Deaths Thomas Garrett died in 1683 in Darby, Pennsylvania. Marriages Hans Dellinger and Agnes Katterman were married in 1659 in Oberacker, Baden (currently believed to be my 9th great-grandparents). Nancy Mary Hayes and William Marion […]

January Genealogy To-Dos


A new year and a new month have begun!  Here is my to-do list for January, mapped to my annual goals. Research Process 5 headstone photos from the cemeteries I visited last Autumn (this includes entering data into RootsMagic, (possibly) writing Tombstone Tuesday posts, and adding the photos to TNG). Process 2 marriage bonds from […]

On this date. . .the 1st of January


Births Caleb Miller was born in 1795 in Catawba County, North Carolina. Elizabeth R. (Henry) Hemphill was born in 1809. Pernelia (Jarrett) Whiteside was born in 1834 in Arkansas. Sarah Mahala (Kendrick) Thompson was born in 1849 in Tennessee. Deaths Maria Barbara Renner died in 1733. Archibald McEntire Hemphill died in 1851. Marriages Mary Ann […]