On this date. . .the 1st of February


  • Naomi (Burk) Pepper was born in 1746 in Fincastle, Virginia.
  • Mary Pepper was born in 1765.
  • Catherine (McDonald) Hemphill was born in 1784 in Enniskillen, Ireland.
  • Margaret Garrett was born in 1808 in Morganton, North Carolina.
  • Laura (McEntire) McCamy was born in 1858 in Georgia.
  • James Quiller Mathis was born in 1878.


  • William Dysart died in 1781, during the Battle of  Cowan’s Ford.
  • William Stroud died in 1783 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.
  • John Burk died in 1836, probably in Wayne County, Indiana.
  • Elizabeth Jane (Brookshire) Long died inn 1928 in Gilmer County, Georgia.


  • George Franklin Cowden and Ruth Elizabeth Whiteside were married in 1849 in Calhoun County, Alabama.

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