On this date. . .the 14th of March


  • Hans Martin Meyer was born in 1698.
  • Anna Maria (Dellinger) Kiefer was born in 1700.
  • Martha (Hemphill) McEntire was born in 1774 in Old Fort, North Carolina (my 4th and 5th great-grandmother).
  • Alney Burgin was born in 1797 in Burke County, North Carolina.
  • Martha Hemphill McEntire was born in 1800 in Burke County, North Carolina.
  • Susan C. Whitener was born in 1836 in Catawba County, North Carolina.
  • Louisa (Lankford) Stephens was born in 1857 in Mt. Vernon, Tennessee.
  • John Wesley Caylor was born in 1866 in Murray County, Georgia.
  • Manerva Ann Garrett was born in 1873 in Georgia.


  • Stephen Lawson died in 1873 in Polk County, Tennessee (my 4th great-grandfather).
  • Zillah Angeline Ellis died in 1929 in Fannin County, Georgia.


  • Bell Chadwick and Earnest LaFayette Roberts were married in 1920 in Murray County, Georgia.

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