The Marriage Bond of Joseph Halford and Rosamond Burgin

Burgin genealogyOn this date in 1845, Joseph Halford obtained a marriage bond in McDowell County, North Carolina, professing his intention to wed Rosamond Burgin.  The marriage bond was issued in the names J. F. Halford and R. M. Burgin.  I found the record while searching the FHL microfilm of McDowell County Marriage Bonds.  I wasn’t sure who the players were, but since one was a Burgin, I made a copy of the record.

Some quick research back at home revealed that a Joseph Fletcher Halford had married a Rosamond Malinda Burgin.  Both Rosamond and Malinda are given names in my Burgin line, so it seemed likely that she was connected to my family.  Further research revealed her to be the daughter of Martha Burgin and the granddaughter of Benjamin Burgin and Leah Mann.  Ben and Leah are my 6th great-grandparents, so Rosamond does indeed fit into my family tree.  Rosamond’s father was Jesse Burgin, but I don’t know who he is yet.

Regarding the naming pattern, her first name comes from Rosamond Quinney, who was Benjamin Burgin’s grandmother and appears again in the next generation in Ben’s aunt, Rosamond Burgin.  The name Malinda first appears with my 4th great-granddaughter, Malinda Burgin, who was Rosamond’s older first cousin.

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