Genealogy To-Dos: April Wrap-Up

April was a pretty good month, especially when compared to March.  I’d say I achieved about 85% of my objectives.


  • Census project: do the 1920 and 1910 transcriptions and analyses for the Newt Ward-Rachel Johnson household.  I finished 1920 and got about halfway through 1910.  It’s the Johnsons that are taking forever (no surprise – there are LOTS of Johnsons on Fannin County).
  • Write 1 research plan. - Oops, forgot all about this.
  • Use my research log (I’m hoping the more I write this down, the more likely I’ll be to remember it). - Nope.  So much for my theory about writing it down.  I’m thinking that keeping a research log is just not for me.


  • Write 8 blog posts. – Yes, this is post number 8 for the month.


  • Spend 15 minutes a week dealing with papers on my desktop. - I didn’t actually deal with desktop papers, but I did work through some emails and blog comments, doing due diligence and adding the info to my database.
  • Do a little database cleanup work. – Yes, I did this.


  • NGS Home Study Course – do Lesson 7 (Church & Cemetery Records).  I have had a hard time getting started on this lesson.  I think it’s the church records that are making me hesitate.  I did the reading a couple of days ago and found out that I could use FHL microfilm for the church records, so I’ll try to order that next week.


  • I also did some work on McEntires, getting all the Thomas Young Hemphill McEntire descendants listed in Murray County Heritage added to my database.

Check back tomorrow to see my goals for May.

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