On this date. . .the 5th of May


  • Mary Garrett was born in 1642 in England.
  • Reuben E. Patton was born in 1827 in Burke County, North Carolina.
  • Nancy Adelia Roberts was born in 1863 in Hamilton County, Tennessee.
  • Maria Fadoshia (Roberts) McBrayer was born in 1876 in Murray County, Georgia.


  • Elias Powell died in 1832 in Powelltown, North Carolina (my 6th great-grandfather).
  • Cora Lee (Fouts) Kendrick died in 1917.
  • Richard Martin Hemphill died in 1941.
  • Ruby Lee (Ward) Johnson died in 1989 in Hall County, Georgia.

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  1. Glenn Edward Roberts says

    re you sure about the death date of Marie Fadoshia Roberts (McBrayer)? She was the sister of my grandfather Sam Milton Roberts. If we are talking about the same person I knew her in my lifetime. I have a picture of her. I have pictures of my grandparents, Sam Roberts and Allie Butler. Thanks Ed Roberts

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Ed, that was supposed to say that she was born in 1876 (I’ve corrected it). She actually died in 1958. Thanks for the heads up! I would love to have pictures, if you are willing to share.

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