Wordless Wednesday: William West and Leaty Lankford

My great-great grandparents.

William Marion West and Leaty Caroline Lankford

Source: J. Thompson, [e-mail for private use], to Tonia Kendrick, e-mail, 5 March 2011, “Re: [Tonia’s Roots] New Comment On: Seeking Robert West Information,”; privately held by Kendrick, [e-mail & address for private use].

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  1. Elizabeth Brookshire Musha says

    Thanks for all your hard work and interesting information.Nancy E. married a Garrett which Child was your Grandparent?

  2. Elizabeth Brookshire Musha says

    I know you are very busy and have a schedule. I was very curious where the name Mannering came from since I had never heard it before. I figured it was a maiden name. I found James Brookshire b 1690 married Sarah Mannering, date prior to 1730. You probably already knew this.

  3. Tonia Kendrick says

    Hi Liz!

    Nancy Emeline Brookshire married Robert Garrett. Their daughter Martha Jane Garrett married Reuben Phillip Johnson. Their daughter, Rachel Louisa Johnson married Newton Coleman Ward – these are my great-grandparents.

    I do know about Sarah Mannering and I’ve always assumed her name led to Mannering Brookshire’s name. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked that far back on this line, so I don’t have proof of this relationship yet.

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