Twice-Told Tuesday: Still Quilting at 83

CHATSWORTH – Mrs. N. C. Ward of Sunset Drive off Charles Road works barefoot at her machine making quilts.  She will be observing her 83rd birthday tomorrow and would like to hear from all her friends for whom she has made quilts.  For over 40 years she has made quilts, but it was about 12 years ago that she turned the hobby into a money-making activity.  Often she starts on a quilt about daybreak, has it pieced by mid-afternoon and then does the quilting and hemming, and by nightfall the finished product is ready for the bed that night.  Mrs. Ward is especially lonely this week because her husband of many years died last week.

Johnson Ward genealogy

This article probably was published on August 10, 1974 in The Dalton Daily Citizen News or possibly in The Chatsworth Times.

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