June Genealogy To-Dos

I had considered skipping To-Dos this month, given my recent lack of motivation and the fact that summer is here, the cicadas are mostly gone (yea!), and I want to spend time outside.  Instead, I decided to do a very abbreviated list.


  • Saturday I was contacted by a DNA match from 23andMe.  We think the Pattersons are our connection, so I”m going to spend some time working on my Pattersons and hopefully our shared ancestor will reveal him/herself.


  • Do some database cleanup work.
  • Spend some time dealing with the papers on my desktop (my printer-top is getting out of control, so I may work on that).



  • Write 8 blog posts.  This should be easier this month, since I will certainly be posting about Jamboree.  Stay tuned!

What do you want to accomplish this month?

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  1. says

    Twitter: Lindagartz
    Whew. Glad you asked. Let’s say this summer. I’ll just run through a few: Scan more old unreadable German letters; send to Meta to decipher; translate those and a bunch more into English. Write up several blog posts about my grandmother’s trip to America (see my blog to view lead-up with letters back and forth from her sweetheart, my grandfather–in America since Jan 1911 to her to get to this point: translate her diary, get all letters and related documents into posts; write up posts about roots-finding trip to Alsace and the families I met in Stuttgart that related to my family history; Maybe change from Blogger to WordPress; get better at social media; create photo books from trip as gifts; view microfilm from Salt Lake City back to 1500s. Translate the old records I already have; organize the photos and gazillions of documents and scraps of info into Hollinger scrapbooks; work on family history/memoir. Read memoirs and good stuff for inspiration for my story Take bike rides; read at beach. Glad you asked. Now I have more of a list — much more to put on it.

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