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SCGS Jamboree 2011The Southern California Genealogy Jamboree is just a few days away.  I’ve gone through the class schedule a couple of times and narrowed the available classes down to a manageable list to choose from.  While always subject to last-minute changes, this is what I’m thinking of attending:


1:30 – Genealogical Resources of the Civil War, Part 1 – National Databases OR

1:30 – Elusive Immigrants – European Case Studies in “Exhaustive Research”

3:00 – Platting Your Ancestor’s Land OR

3:00 – Google Earth for Genealogy

4:30 – Using Original and Derivative Sources:  How to Evaluate Evidence with John Philip Colletta


8:30 – Best of Class DNA Testing: Do you need it and why? OR

8:30 – Google Search Strategies for Genealogists

10:00 – Blogger Summit I OR

10:00 – The High-Tech Trip to Visit Ancestral Home Places

11:30 – What can Genealogists Learn through Genetic Testing?  Stories from 23andMe

2:00 – How to Create an Interactive Tour of Your Ancestor’s Home with Google Earth OR

2:00 – take a break and visit the exhibit hall

3:30 – How to Find Your Civil War Roots at

5:00 – One of the two TBD “Back by Popular Demand” lectures OR

5:00 – The German Connection:  How to Track Down Your German Immigrant Ancestor


8:30 – Court Records:  Mirror of a Nation

10:00 – Here Comes the 1940 Census and We ARE Ready!!

12:00 – Genealogy Gems Live Podcast OR

12:30 – Genealogy and the American Indian Conflicts

2:00 – Free and Easy Online Genealogy Chart Creation with Family ChArtist

If you will be at Jamboree, I hope to see you there. If you won’t be there, join the fun by attending some of the recently announced live-streaming video sessions, reading the many blog posts that are sure to appear, or following the Twitter feed #scgs11.

Oh, and if you are there on Friday morning, stop by the Pavilion around 10:45.  I’ll be hosting an informal roundtable discussion on social media and genealogy.  There will be several other roundtables going on the same time, so come and join the conversation.

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