July To-Dos

I cut back my to-do list for June and ended up exceeding my expectations almost two-fold.  For July, I’m increasing my list just a bit, but not to the level it was in the spring.


  • Continue working on the Patterson/Chapman lines from last month.
  • edited to add:  Use research log


  • Do some database cleanup work.
  • Work on adding back photos and documents to TNG.  Part of this is putting copyright notices on the images.  Shoot for 10 a week.


  • Finish Lesson 7 on the NGS Home Study Course.  I ordered the microfilm already, so this will partly depend on when it arrives.
  • Watch one of the webinars that I got at Jamboree.


  • Write 10 blog posts.  My monthly goal has been 8 posts for quite a while, so I’m upping my expectation here.


  • I’m also working on refreshing the website design and I should have that ready to unveil sometime this month.

This should be a nice, well-balanced and productive month, while still leaving plenty of time for lounging by the pool.

What are your genealogy goals for July?

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