Uncle Worth’s Burial Permit

Worth Ward Burial PermitThis is the permit to bury my grandmother’s only brother.  I’m excited about this record for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, I’d never seen a burial permit before; I had no idea so much good genealogical information would be included.  For another, it corroborates my grandmother’s story about her brother’s death.

Analysis of the record

Person Asking for Permit:  N. C. Ward.  This is my great-grandfather – Worth’s father.

Residence:  Newport, Ga.  The date of this permit is 11 Jul 1939.  According to my great-grandfather’s Social Security Application, he lived in Chatsworth, Ga.  in December 1939, so the family moved sometime between July and December.

Full name of the deceased:  William Worth Ward.  I didn’t know Worth’s first name was William.

Date of death:  9 July 1939.  This matches the date on his headstone.

Cause of death:  bleeding.  According to my grandmother, he was stabbed to death, so yes, bleeding makes sense.

Place of death:  Morganton, Ga.  I knew he died in Fannin County, but I didn’t know the specific town.

Residence:  Newport, Ga.  Also new information.

Place of burial:  Stock Hill.  I’ve been to this cemetery and he is buried next to his parents.

Date of burial:  11 Jul 1939.  New information

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