Sharing Genealogy Electronically – A Webinar Review

I recently watched the recorded version of Legacy’s Sharing Genealogy Electronically webinar, presented by Geoff Rasmussen.  The Legacy Online Store describes this webinar as:

Sharing Genealogy Electronically. Join Legacy Family Tree’s Geoff Rasmussen as he presents a live workshop to both 1) the West Valley Genealogical Society in Youngtown, Arizona and 2) to a live webinar audience. The class will teach methods of sharing your genealogy in the form of a printed book, print-on-demand publishing, websites, and shareable CDs. The class, being taught live at the West Valley Genealogical Society’s library, is part of a 4-week Advanced Legacy course. Teaching to both a live brick-and-mortar audience AND to a live online audience at the same time is something we have never tried before. Maybe it will work. Maybe it … well … we’ll be positive here and hope for the best.

I’ll be honest. . .I did not expect to learn much of anything from this webinar.  After all, I have a website and a blog — I share my genealogy electronically all the time. I was pleasantly surprised.

The webinar covered much more than I thought it would:Sharing Genealogy Electronically

  • publishing to book (this is the section I really got into)
  • publishing to the Internet
  • publishing to CD
  • publishing to DVD

Publishing to Book

This may seem like an odd addition to a webinar on electronic publishing; however Geoff goes over some of the pros and cons of traditional print publishing vs. print-on-demand; he also gives step-by-step instructions for creating a book at

He then offers a set of strategic guidelines for creating a book:

  1. Do the research
  2. Create the skeleton using one’s genealogy software program
  3. Export the skeleton to a word-processing program
  4. Add the “meat” – photos, scanned documents, etc.
  5. Generate a Table of Contents and Index
  6. Publish the book

In Item 2 – Create the skeleton, Geoff goes step-by-step through the process of generating a book.  The instructions are Legacy-specific (no surprise, there), but I think there would be many similarities with other genealogy programs.

Publishing to CD or DVD

These are the other sections of the webinar that I found intriguing.  Geoff walked through the process of creating multi-media presentations using a program called Passage Express, which is available as a stand-alone product or as a free add-on to Legacy.  These multi-media presentations were so impressive and would be a great way to share family history with those family members who are not so interested in the genealogy.

Much more information was covered during the webinar and I consider the time as 109 minutes well-spent.

I’m giving away a copy of this webinar.  Click here to see how you can enter the drawing.  If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so at the Legacy Online Store.

*Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this webinar on CD as a blogger gift at SCGS Jamboree.  I’m also an affiliate of the Legacy Online Store and receive a small commission on any purchases made if you click on the links from my webste, although your cost remains the same..

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