August Genealogy To-Dos

I accomplished a lot in both June and July, which makes me excited to get started on August.  I hope I’m not overbooking myself with this list (especially since I’ll be on vacation part of the time).  We’ll see how it goes.  This is what I want to do this month:


  • Continue working on Patterson-Chapman line: a) wrap up all the census work for the children John Patterson-Nancy Chapman. b) download and extract information from some of the 43 Eastern Cherokee apps mentioned yesterday. c)write research reports on John, Nancy, and their children.
  • My latest DNA contact appears to be from my Langston line, so work on that surname. I need to connect Martin Langston to his father, whom many online sources identify as Zorabable? Langston. If I can prove that connection, then a lot will fall into place.
  • Use research log (if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember to do it.)


  • Write 12 blog posts.


  • Finish “fixing” the blog photos that don’t appear correctly after last month’s design update (if you see images that are too big for the content area, you know I haven’t made it to that post yet.)
  • Continue copyrighting photos and documents and adding them to RootsMagic and TNG. Shoot for 5 a week.


  • Finish NGS Home Study Course lesson 7 (still waiting on the microfilm). Also, do the assignments for lesson 8 and have them turned it by the end of the month.
  • Watch one webinar from Jamboree swag.
  • Work on new project (TBA soon).

I have to stop. There is lots more I want to do, but this list is already growing too large.

What are your genealogy goals for August?

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