Genealogy To-Dos – August Wrap-Up

Another great month.  I really got a lot done.  I was worried that I was overbooking myself with my to-do list,  since I was on vacation part of the time, but it all worked out.


  • Continue working on Patterson-Chapman line: a) wrap up all the census work for the children John Patterson-Nancy Chapman. b) download and extract information from some of the 43 Eastern Cherokee apps mentioned yesterday. c)write research reports on John, Nancy, and their children.  I did quite a bit of work on this line, but I’m still not finished.
  • My latest DNA contact appears to be from my Langston line, so work on that surname. I need to connect Martin Langston to his father, whom many online sources identify as Zorabable? Langston. If I can prove that connection, then a lot will fall into place.  I made a good start with this and I did find the connection to Zorabable Langston.
  • Use research log (if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember to do it.) – I did pretty good using my research log, but it is still not second nature.


  • Write 12 blog posts. – 13 posts written.  Check.


  • Finish “fixing” the blog photos that don’t appear correctly after last month’s design update (if you see images that are too big for the content area, you know I haven’t made it to that post yet.)  Done
  • Continue copyrighting photos and documents and adding them to RootsMagic and TNG. Shoot for 5 a week. - I did 7.  5 a week is clearly too ambitious.


  • Finish NGS Home Study Course lesson 7 (still waiting on the microfilm). Also, do the assignments for lesson 8 and have them turned it by the end of the month. – Yes, finished both 7 and 8.  I’m officially halfway through the course.
  • Watch one webinar from Jamboree swag. – I didn’t watch any of the webinars I got at Jamboree, but I did watch two others – one on Organizing for Success with Karen Clifford (affiliate link) and one on Evernote with Thomas MacAntee.  Both were excellent and I highly recommend them.  They are also both free!
  • Work on new project (TBA soon).  You may have seen the announcements on Twitter and/or Facebook.  Valerie Elkins and I are starting a US Records Study Group, similar to Progen, but focused on U. S. Records.  The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy and The Source will be our main textbooks.  We still have room for a couple more participants, so if you are interested, contact me.

Vacation Genealogy

  • Oh, and on vacation, we visited five cemeteries in Virginia and North Carolina and took photos of about 150 tombstones.
  • I also met a distant cousin at one of the cemeteries, who has since emailed me quite a bit of information on the Lytles that I need to work on.

As I said above, good month.  Check back Monday for my September to-do list.

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