The Marriage of James M. Greenlee and Harriett Rice

Greenlee genealogy

On this date in 1843 in McDowell County in the state of North Carolina, James M. Greenlee made application for a license for a marriage to be celebrated between him and Harriett Rice.  James, my second cousin three times removed, was the son of David Washington Greenlee and Mary Howard McEntire and the grandson of Thomas Young Hemphill McEntire and Martha Hemphill.

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  1. Carol Myers says

    James McEntire Greenlee’s son David James A. Greenlee (Mary Burgin) was my Great Grandfather. His mother was James first wife, Anne Morris. That would make us related in some way!!!!

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Carol, we’ll be related several different ways through James McEntire Greenlee’s mother, Mary Howard McEntire. Her parents were Thomas Young Hemphill McEntire and Martha Hemphill. I descend from them through their daughter Jennie, and through their son Joseph Alexander McEntire. I also descend separately from Martha Hemphill’s parents, Captain Thomas Hemphill and Mary Ann Mackie.

      So, I think we would be 5th cousins, plus other relationships. Oh, and I have Burgins too. Do you know who Mary Burgin’s parents, etc. were?

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Carol says

    I’ll look up Mary Burgin for you in a minute! The Greenlee Genealogy I received from Nina Greenlee stated James McEntire Greenlee’s first wife was Anne Morris. Her father was “River Jim” Morris. I’m not able to find anything about River Jim! Do you have any info?

  3. Henry Greenlee Miles says

    Nice to know more why my mother, Amy Josephine Franklin from Bryson City, gave me my middle name. Am starting to work on the history for my family and found you. Thank you, Henry

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