#31WBGB: Find a Blog Buddy

#31WGBGWelcome back to another week of 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog!    This week’s task is to find a blog buddy.  Let’s face it; blogging is often a solitary endeavor.  Bloggers who work together, often have more success.  Blogging buddies can be one-on-one relationships or small groups.

9 Reasons You Need a Blog Buddy

  1. You can proofread and critique each other’s posts, before pressing “publish.”
  2. You can share link love.
  3. You can promote each other’s posts via social media channels.
  4. You can help each other stay motivated.
  5. You can trade guest posts.
  6. You can brainstorm together and bounce post ideas off each other.
  7. You can critique design and other non-text elements.
  8. You can help build blog comments.
  9. You can hold each other accountable.

Blogging Buddy Relationship Advice

  • Make the relationship mutually beneficial.  All parties should be contribute and benefit.
  • Make each other’s blog better.  We all have a goal of making our own blogs better.  Commit to the same goal for your buddy.

Action Item

  • Find a buddy or a buddy group that you can hook up with.

If you are just joining us, then “welcome.” You can read the kick-off post about 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog here.  Feel free to start with this week’s reading and action items – you are not behind!


This week’s prize is a pH Testing pen.  If you’d like to enter for a chance to win this pen, leave a comment on this entry with your experience with blogging buddies.  Have you ever collaborated or worked with another blogger to mutually grow or improve your blogs?

The contest ends at 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 8, 2011. Winner will be drawn randomly.

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  1. says

    Tonia, I’m choosing to sit out this week. I’m all for collaboration, but this week’s challenge seems, to me, to be more oriented to the professional blogger. I don’t see my blog as an end in itself. It is an extension of my genealogy and an opportunity to connect with the geneablogging community. That is already happening. In a sense, participating in #31WBGB and the US-REC study group are my substitutes for this week’s exercise. I’ll be back next week. By the way, I have no idea what “share link love” means.
    GeneaPopPop (Bart Brenner)´s last blog post ..1910 Census Enumerator, Which John Brenner?

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      No problem, Bart. We do have a very collaborative community in the geneablogger world. Btw, “share link love” just means that buddies would link to each other’s blogs. You do that a lot already. : )

  2. says

    Hi,Tonia -I don’t think this one is for me . I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking someone, whom I hardly know, to be my blog buddy and take time to give regular critiques on my postings. On the other hand, if someone aked me to take on that role, I would probanly feel quite flattered, might agree and ask for reciprocation. I would think most of us are more than busy with our own lives including our blogs and might be wary of taking this on. So I am sitting on the fence here, though agree that it could prove beneficial to both partners. What abou the idea of a checklist on “What makes a good blog/posting, so we can self assess our own work?
    Susan D.´s last blog post ..Three Generations of Carters & Coal Merchants: Workaday Wednesday

    • Tonia Kendrick says

      Hi Sue, I understand. Not every activity is going to work for everyone. Pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.

      It’s funny you mention a checklist for self-critiques; I’ve been thinking about just such a thing.

  3. says

    I think I’ve unofficially done this. Finding such similarities between them and myself, I have naturally gravitated towards Cindy’s blog at http://www.cindyfreed.com and Lisa’s http://www.1ancestry2littletime.com blog. I tend to make a point to always read whatever they post in extra detail and leave a comment because our outlooks seem to be similar. So though I won’t ask them to critique me, I suppose I will officially come out and admit I adopted them both, with or without their knowledge and desire. :) Guess I’d better tell them!
    Dana´s last blog post ..Society Saturday: The Stylin’ J.M. Howe

  4. says

    I am just getting started with blogging. I have a lot of work to do. I have been thinking about working with a friend so that she could help me stay motivated and I could help her stay motivated. She doesn’t have a genealogy blog, but I think we could still help each other out.

    jody´s last blog post ..What kind of a tree represents me?

  5. says

    I have to thank Dana http://www.justfolks.us/, for tweeting that she listed Cindy http://www.cindyfreed.com/ and I as her blog buddies. It’s a kick to read her post here, since of course I would have buddied her myself – she just beat me to it. :) And of course we both buddied her back – we do have a lot in common and it’s nice to find other bloggers who are interested in helping each other out (which tends to be the blogger way just as it usually is the genealogists’ way). In order to remind myself to buddy I added their two blogs to my blogroll — which will serve as a reminder to keep checking their site for new posts, even if my RSS is working overtime keeping track of all the unread entries. Thanks for this week’s challenge!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Those Places Thursday: Mountain Creek Church and Cemetery

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