7 Reasons You Should Attend SCGS Jamboree

Today is the last day for early-bird registration to the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree.  Jamboree will he held June 8-10 in Burbank, California, with two “pre-events” to be held on June 7.  If you are on the fence, here are 7 reasons to attend:

  1. Rock-Star Speakers – Megan Smolenyak, Josh Taylor, Curt Wicher, and so many more!
  2. Over 100 classes to choose from in the three-day period.  I haven’t narrowed my list down yet.
  3. Research assistance – do you need some help with a genealogy problem?  You can sign up for a half-hour consultation to get some one-on-one help.
  4. DNA interpretation – having trouble understanding your DNA results?  The DNA Interest Group can help you figure out what they mean.
  5. Pre-events – want to learn more about family history writing or technology?  Come in a day early for even more sessions dedicated to these topics,
  6. Networking – there will be over 1600 genealogists there.  This is a great opportunity to meet up with your online genealogy peeps and make new friends, as well.
  7. Fun – with after-hours events, blogger hangouts, and all the reasons listed above, Jamboree is just plain fun.

So, June 8-10 in Burbank.  I’ll be there.  How about you?


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