Robert M. Burgin and Sallie E. Mann – Tombstone Tuesday

Robert Burgin and Sallie Mann

Robert M. Burgin was born 21 Apr 1833 in North Carolina, the son of Josiah B. Burgin.  He died 10 Apr 1913.

Robert married Sallie E. Mann.  I don’t know who Sallie’s parents were, but she had a sister named Elizabeth.

Sallie was born 15 Oct 1843 in North Carolina and died 17 Jan 1915.

They had four children (that I know of; I haven’t extensively researched this family):

  • Joan L. Burgin, born about 1871, North Carolina
  • Martha A. Burgin, born about 1872, North Carolina
  • Clara A. Burgin, born about 1875, North Carolina
  • Thomas R. Burgin, born about 1879, North Carolina

Robert and Sallie are buried at Cherry Springs Cemetery in McDowell County, North Carolina.

Robert is my 2nd cousin, five times removed.  Our common ancestors are Pioneer Ben Burgin and Leah Mann.  Since Sallie’s maiden name was Mann, she is likely related to me as well.

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