Pattersons Married in Gilmer County, Georgia

Gilmer-Marriages-PattersonI was trying, without luck, to locate a marriage record for some of my Patterson ancestors.  This family line is confusing to me, so I decided to make a table of all the marriages that took place in Gilmer County, GA that included a Patterson.  I’ve linked to the people who are already in my family tree.

My hope is that this table will help me sort out who is whom among the Pattersons I already know about and as I find new Pattersons in Gilmer County, I can refer back to this table.  Really, it’s an organizational tool.  It’s both sortable and searchable, so if you are looking for a Patterson, just click on the arrows in any of the column headings to change the sort order or enter a name in the table search box.

A caveat – some of these may be dates of marriage licenses with no return; please do your own due diligence and seek out the image copy (which can be found out Georgia’s Virtual Vault) before using this information as proof of a marriage.

NameSpouseMarriage Date
A. Howard PattersonMarion E. Mims24 Apr 1893
A. J. PattersonJ. A. Terry1 Apr 1887
Alonzo PattersonEstella Aiken20 Nov 1893
Bessie PattersonNeal Tarpley23 Feb 1935
Bill PattersonLuvada Watkins15 Nov 1925
C. G. PattersonSarah Souther3 Nov 1887
Caroline PattersonLewis Jones20 Oct 1876
Charles PattersonMinda R. Key8 Jan 1880
Charlotte PatersonOrin Peterson2 Jan 1889
Cliff PattersonDavid Mitchell20 Dec 1887
Dumont Clark PattersonFlora Luella Baity17 Mar 1915
Edward D. PattersonJustine Brown11 Jul 1900
Elisabeth J. PatersonO. N. Fain27 Nov 1879
Eliza PattersonAllen Baldwin5 Aug 1882
Eliza PattersonQuintous Powell5 Jan 1876
Eliza PattersonWilliam Lively19 Oct 1900
Elizabeth P. PattersonWilliam H. Jenkins28 Dec 1843
Ella PattersonH. S. Ward12 Jan 1888
Elvira PattersonCharles W. Jones21 Aug 1881
Embry PattersonSusie Forley20 Oct 1891
Enoch PattersonLurena Smith1 Jan 1880
Fannie PattersonD. A. Slate8 Jan 1887
Fields C. PattersonVictoria Key9 Jun 1883
Fields PattersonMartha Ward10 Aug 1873
Frank PattersonHarriet Bridges28 Jan 1875
G. B. PattersonNola Souther1 Mar 1925
George PattersonJessie Dunagan14 Nov 1850
Georgia A. PattersonAnsen Nimis10 Oct 1893
Henson PattersonViny Plumley20 Jan 1849
Howard PattersonLeona Weeks2 Aug 1914
Hoyt PattersonEthel Whitener4 Jan 1920
J. D. PattersonElizabeth Headen8 Feb 1881
Jackson PattersonGooly Oaks8 Jun 1852
James E. PattersonMargret Ward2 Aug 1874
James PattersonAmanda Holt25 Feb 1893
James PattersonSarah Harper2 Sep 1880
James PattersonFrancis Holford25 Jul 1874
Jay H. SissonAdaline Sisson8 Nov 1903
Jeptha PattersonMary Aveline Cabe11 Dec 1851
Jessie Lee PattersonW. D. Lewis21 Jan 1931
Job C. PattersonClara G. Carter7 Dec 1887
Job C. PattersonSarah Stubbs15 Feb 1876
John A. PattersonNellie B. Wade14 Apr 1926
John PattersonMartha Ledbetter4 Aug 1890
John PattersonMary Jane Sharpe18 Oct 1866
John T. PattersonAnnie Lizzie Humber28 Jan 1885
Joseph M. PattersonSarah C. Green4 Mar 1852
Joseph PattersonEliza Daze20 Sep 1890
Josephine PattersonA. W. Sutton15 Aug 1867
Julius PattersonNellie Brookshire7 Oct 1928
July Ann PattersonJames Birch3 Nov 1871
Kenneth PattersonElsie Mae Nicholson23 Mar 1930
LaFayette PattersonLucinda Williams14 Nov 1849
Lester PattersonMandy Weeks2 Aug 1914
Lucinda PattersonSylvanus W. Bailey14 Jul 1836
M. L. PattersonDollie Sisson24 Nov 1889
M. L. PattersonW. A. Holloway24 Dec 1877
Manerva A. PattersonJ. M. Sluder11 Mar 1900
Mans PattersonFair Brawner27 May 1891
Margaret PattersonTommie Johns26 Dec 1889
Martha L. PattersonJ. S. Smith10 Dec 1899
Martha PattersonWilliam Patterson15 Nov 1882
Martha PattersonThomas Dixon27 Feb 1845
Mary Ann PattersonOverton E. Franklin26 May 1863
Mary Ann PattersonSimon Dunn21 Apr 1853
Mary J. PattersonL. B. Chastain14 Nov 1890
Mary Jane PattersonW. H. Stewart14 Mar 1878
Mary PattersonWilliam Whitener3 Jul 1884
Middleton PattersonDelie Ballew11 Feb 1890
Minerva PattersonJasper Anderson6 Apr 1884
Minnie PattersonThomas W. Belcher3 Jan 1894
Miss A. Ivie PattersonT. Hunter Henderson21 Jun 1890
Miss Ethel J. PattersonMr. Lescoe J. Bourne23 Feb 1897
Miss Marion E. PattersonMr. Robert H. Girvin12 Jun 1899
Miss Mary M. PattersonMr. Robert L. Titcomb3 Jun 1890
Molly PattersonCharles Miller, Jr.28 Oct 1891
Mr. James H. PattersonMiss Mattie Todd7 Mar 1899
Mr. Samuel L. PattersonMiss Margaret R. Groover4 Aug 1892
Nancy PattersonCharles Sisson24 Dec 1848
Nancy PattersonSamuel Patterson4 Feb 1849
Nellie PattersonCarey Knighton18 Apr 1886
P. H. PattersonEthel Jones10 Nov 1930
Pinkie PattersonBill Bobb24 Jan 1889
R. D. PattersonLizie Thomas3 Feb 1934
S. J. PattersonJ. H. Waters6 Oct 1893
Samuel PattersonNancy Patterson4 Feb 1849
Susan PattersonJohn J. Pool30 Sep 1842
T. C. PattersonL. M. Pless25 Oct 1900
T. C. PattersonL. M. Pless25 Oct 1900
Thuman PattersonLillie Jones12 Oct 1906
Tony PattersonNellie Jackson6 Oct 1890
Vada PattersonJ. M. Brown10 Oct 1897
Walter PattersonOllie Mae Watkins25 Aug 1912
Wheeler PattersonLucy Tucker9 Sep 1923
William B. PattersonLidia Vinsen25 Sep 1837
William PattersonMartha Patterson15 Nov 1882


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