Twice-Told Tuesday: Murray County in the Service


“William D. Kendrick, S 1/c, USNR, son of Adolph C. Kendrick, of Chatsworth, has returned to the States from Tokyo Bay on the Battleship, USS Wisconsin for the 45,000-ton ship’s participation in the observance of Navy Day on October 27.

The Wisconsin figured prominently in action during the final eight months of the war, supporting third fleet operations in the Leyte and Luzon invasions and taking part in the Fifth Fleet raids against Honshu and the Ryukyus in support of the Iwo Jima operation.”1

William was my grandfather’s first cousin and the third relative I’ve discovered who served in the Navy.

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  1. “Murray County In the Service,” The Chatsworth (Georgia) Times, 25 Oct 1945, p. 1, col. 3.

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