Tombstone Tuesday: Dulia Smith Burgin

Dulia Smith was born on 12 March 1847 in Kentucky. Her name appears a variety of different ways in the records:  Dulcina, Dollie, Dullie, Dulia.  Her grave marker reads “Dulia,” so I’m using that for this post.  She married Joseph Lytle Burgin, son of Merritt Burgin and Susannah Adeline Lytle. I haven’t done extensive research on this family, but I do know they had four children in 13 years.

1880 Census


In 1880, Dulcina Burgin was 33 years old and lived in Crooked Creek, North Carolina with her husband (he appears on the previous census page), daughter, Mollie, son James, and brother, George.

1900 Census


The 1900 census shows that Dullie Burgin married Joseph L. in 1870. She was 52 years old and lived in Crooked Creek, McDowell, North Carolina with her husband, Joseph and two children, Winslow, a son, and Lillie, a daughter.  A lodger lived in their household, as well.


She died on 29 August 1906 likely in McDowell County, North Carolina, at the age of 59, and is buried at Bethel UMC-Old Cherry Springs Cemetery.

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