Chromosome Map 1/11/2014

by Tonia Kendrick on January 11, 2014 in DNA

My DNA connections have really been clicking recently and I’ve been wanting to pull all the information together into a chromosome map, like the ones CeCe Moore creates.  I had been tracking everything in a spreadsheet, but that didn’t give me the at-a-glance visual that I wanted.  But now, Kitty Cooper has created a tool that makes it super-easy to generate a chromosome map.


The legend shows the surnames of the ancestral couple that I can trace the DNA segment to.  I currently have eight confirmed DNA cousins, where we can identify our most recent common ancestors.

The closest relationship is 3rd cousin once removed, and leads back to Robert Garrett and Nancy Emeline Brookshire.  That’s the red segment on chromosome 3.  The burgundy segment on chromosome 3 is the same line, but further back.  That segment is from Stephen Tilley and Catherine Powell, who are Nancy Emeline Brookshire’s grandparents.  There is also a small burgundy segment on chromosome 2.

My most recent confirmed relationship leads back to James Hemphill and Susannah Patton.  That’s the light blue segment on chromosome 16.

As I continue to make connections with matches and identify the common ancestors, I’ll update my map.

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