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Lib-VAI spent all day Monday at the Library of Virginia. This is a brief summary of what I found. Monday was all about County Books from Albemarle, Fairfax, and Bedford counties, which contained either abstracts or indexes. I was able to get copies of the original images of some of these items (more on that in upcoming posts).

Albemarle County
* Will abstract for John Ballard, names his daughter Mildred. Dated 11 Jun 1779.
* Will abstract for Thomas Ballard, dated 13 Jun 1779. A brother to John perhaps?
* A William Ballard witnessed a deed in 1752. He is a candidate to be John’s father. More research needed, obviously.
* Henry Tilley witnessed a deed in 1752.
* Henry Tilley sold land in 1776.
* Henry Tilley sold land in 1777.
* John Ballard witnessed a deed in 1768. This same deed mentions Timothy Dalton, as the land ran along his line.
* Henry Tilley sold land in 1768. This deed names his wife, Ann. I have two Henry Tilleys and don’t know the wife’s name for either. I don’t which Henry this is yet (or even if he is one of mine), but this was still an exciting find.
* Henry Tilley bought land in 1769.
* Edmund Tilley was named in a court record in 1762 and owing money to a David Lewis.
* Henry Tilley Jr. and his wife Jane sold land in 1766.

Fairfax County
* Will abstract of Thomas Simmons named Sarah Brookshire as executrix. I’m not sure about the relationship between these two. Sarah was a Simmons by birth, but I have a different given name for her father. This bears more research. I also think it’s interesting that a female was named to execute the will; I need to figure out how and why that happened.

Bedford County
* Elizabeth Dalton married William Arthur, Jr. in 1762. Consent was given by Timothe Dalton.
* Timothy Dalton wrote a will in 1775.
* Elizabeth Dalton witnessed a will for Matt. Talbot in 1758. This will mentions a child with the surname Arthur (see two bullet points up).
* William Hinton sold land to Timothy Dalton in 1765.
* “Bartholamie” Lawson sold land in 1763.
* John Talbot sold land to Matthew Talbot in 1762.
* John Talbot sold a horse and four slaves in 1763.
* John Talbot sold two tracts of land in 1763.
* John Talbot sold two tracts of land in 1764.
* John Talbot sold land in 1765.
* Matthew Talbot “to perform duties as sheriff” 1757.
* Matthew Talbot & wife Mary sold land in 1763.
* Matthew Talbot witnessed a deed in 1765.

All of this information must still be analyzed to determine if and/or how it fits into my family tree.

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