Death Certificate of Francis Marion Kendrick (1844-1932)


Francis Marion Kendrick, my 2nd great-grandfather, died 6 November 1932 in Militia District 1011, Murray County, Ga., according to his death certificate.


In the transcription below, boldface indicates the words penned into the pre-printed form:
“Certificate of Death, Georgia State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.”


County                                                            Murray
Militia District (Number and Name)  1011
Registered No.                                            3
City or Town                                                [blank]
No.                                                                   [blank]
St.                                                                     [blank]
2.         FULL NAME                                    Francis Marion Kendrick
Residence (City or Town)                       [blank]
(Street and Number)                                [blank]
(State)                                                             [blank]
3.         SEX                                                      Male
4.         COLOR or RACE                             white
5.         Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced            married
5a. Name of Husband or Wife               Mrs. Barbara Kendrick
6.         DATE OF BIRTH                            [blank]
7.         AGE Years, Months, Days        88 [years]
8.         OCCUPATION                                Farming
9.         BIRTHPLACE                                 Tenn.
10.       NAME OF FATHER                     Thos. Kendrick
11.       BIRTHPLACE OF FATHER       Tenn.
12.       MAIDEN NAME OF MOTHER Mahala Lawson
13.       MOTHER BIRTHPLACE             Tenn.
14.       INFORMANT(Signed)                Mrs. Barbara Kendrick
           (Address)                                          Cisco Ga
15.       Filed                                                  Nov. 30, 1932
            Registrar                                           J. B. Higdon
16.       DATE OF DEATH                          Nov. 6 1932
17.       Physician Attendance               June 1931 to Nov. 5 1932
            Last seen alive                                Nov. 5 1932
            [time of death]                                10 A m
Cause of Death                                Cylitis and Cancer of Duodenum
            Duration                                           [blank]
CONTRIBUTARY                           [blank]
18.       Where disease contracted        [blank]
Did an operation precede death?        No
            Was there an autopsy?                No
            What test confirmed diagnosis?         Constant att.
            (Signed)                                             T. W. Colvard, M. D.
(Address)                                          Conasauga, Tenn
19.       Place of Burial, Cremation or Removal Calvary Cemetery
            Date of Burial                                   Nov. 7, 1932
20.       Undertaker                                     Kenemer Bros.
            Address                                              Chatsworth, Ga. 1 


The source reviewed is an original record.  It is a certified copy of the signed death certificate, which I obtained from the Murray County Probate Court on 31 Dec 2009.

The death date and other medical information were provided by the attending physician and would be considered primary. Alaculsey as the place of death is derived from two pieces of data, both of which are also primary: 1) his place of death is recorded as Militia District 1011, which was the “Alaculsey” district in the 1930 census, just two years earlier. Other documents state that he died in Cisco, but that is likely based on Francis’ and Barbara’s mailing address; their mail would have come through the Cisco post office at this time.

To Do: Obtain land records to ensure that this theory regarding his place of death is accurate. It’s possible that they moved to Cisco; many Alaculsey residents did. 2

Birth information was provided by his wife, Barbara, and is considered secondary. His age was reported as 88, which would mean he was born between December 1843 and November 1844. The 1900 census states that he was born Feb 1844, so the death certificate is consistent. 3  All known sources consistently report Tennessee as his birth place.

Parentage information was provided by Barbara; their names are considered primary information, but their birth places would be secondary. Thomas and Mahala Kindrich lived with Francis Marion and Barbara in 1880 and are named as his parents on the census enumeration, supporting the information on the death certificate. 4

Barbara was the informant on the death certificate. Her address would be primary information.

Lastly, regarding the burial information. . .I’m really not sure who would have provided the information.  Would it have been Barbara or the funeral home?  In either case, it is primary information.

On a side note, I was at Dr. Colvard’s house a couple of weeks ago when I did Murray on My Mind.  Had I known he was Francis Marion’s physician, I would have taken a picture of the house.


  1. Murray County, Georgia, death certificate no. 3 (1932), Francis Marion Kendrick, Murray County Probate Court’s Office, Chatsworth.
  2. Murray County History Committee, Murray County Heritage (Fernandina Beach, Florida: Wolfe Publishing, 1987), 309.
  3. 1900 U.S. Census, Murray County, Georgia, population schedule, Alaculsa District No. 1011, enumeration district (ED) 70, sheet 12-A (penned), p. 55 (stamped), dwelling 206, family 210, France M. Kindrick household; digital image, ( : accessed 18 Aug 2007); citing NARA microfilm publication T623, roll 213.
  4. 1880 U. S. census, Murray County, Georgia, population schedule, Alaculsey (G. M. 1011), Enumeration District (ED) 155, p. 9 (penned) p. 472 (stamped), dwelling 75, family 78, Francis Kindrich household; digital image, ( : accessed 30 Dec 2007), citing National Archives microfilm publication T9, roll 159.

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