Captain Thomas Hemphill’s Will – page 2


This is the second installment in a series of nine posts in which I transcribe the will of my Revolutionary War ancestor, Captain Thomas Hemphill.  In the first post, we learned that Captain Thomas’ will was contested by two of his children and a son-in-law, and that the date usually seen for his death may […]

Captain Thomas Hemphill’s Will – page 1

Burke County Original Wills, Thomas Hemphill (c1824); box no. C.R. 016.801.1, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.

Captain Thomas Hemphill is the ancestor who really got me interested in genealogy, but I’ve had his will sitting in my inbox ever since it arrived in the mail from the North Carolina State Archives in 2009.  Yes, almost three years.  Why has it been languishing, you ask? Well, it’s not just a will – […]

September Genealogy To-Dos


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the genealogy research and related activities that I want to get done.  These to-do lists keep me on track.  This is what I want to do in September: Research Write brief research summaries on the various members Patterson-Chapman line that I’ve been working on for a few […]

John “Jackie” Patterson – the Later Years

North Georgia Map 1846

Last week, I posted what I know about Jackie Patterson from his birth about 1794 in South Carolina up until his marriage to Jane Chapman in 1828 in Hall County, Georgia.  This is part of my attempt to pull everything together and make sense of all the bits of information that I’ve found so far. […]

John “Jackie” Patterson – The Early Years


I’ve been working on my Patterson line recently, in hopes of locating a common ancestor with a DNA match.  I haven’t found the common ancestor yet, but I have found lots of information on my known Pattersons.  I want to capture what I’ve learned in narrative format, starting with Jackie Patterson, my fourth great-grandfather. Connecting […]

Uncle Walt and Aunt Julia Get Married

Hemphill genealogy

On this date in 1933, Walter T. Hemphill and Julia Bowers were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony.  They were married in Murray County, Georgia. Walt was my grandfather’s older brother. Analysis From this record, I learned Walt and Julia’s marriage date and place.  It also gave me a primary source for Walt’s middle […]

Rhoda Hemphill Weds James Gregory

Hemphill genealogy

On this date in 1910, Miss Rhoda Hemphill and James W. Gregory were joined in the honorable state of matrimony in Murray County, Georgia. Rhoda was my maternal grandfather’s first cousin, making her my first cousin twice removed. What I learned from this document: I did not know that Rhoda had married; for some reason […]

Stanford-Hemphill Marriage

Hemphill genealogy

On this date in 1919, Martin Eakes Stanford and Blanche G. Hemphill were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony.  They were married in Murray County, Georgia. Blanche was my grandfather’s eldest sister. Analysis From this record, I learned Martin’s middle name and the fact that he must have gone by Eakes, else why would […]