What’s New – 1/28/09

New Census Records 1920 Census for William LaFayette Roberts household 1910 Census for Nellie Ward (Newton Ward household) 1900 Census for Mattie (Butler) and Charles Sampler 1910 Census for Jasper Kendrick household (added two sons) 1910 Census for Francis Kendrick and Carrie (Fouts) Military Records POW record for Francis M. Kendrick! Malinda Gerrin Butler pension […]

What’s New – 1/21/09

New Military Records Found CSA Service Record for Francis M. Kendrick! (one step closer to finding POW records) CSA Service Record for James B. Butler, including POW data CSA Service file for Ben Hemphill, including POW record New Information and Records on the Burk(e)s Several Virginia Land Grants for James Burk James Burk’s Will Lots […]

Hemphill – Research Resources and Links

Hemphill is one of the most common surnames in my database, as I descend through several lines.  I’ve put together a list of the resources I have found most helpful in researching this surname.  My Hemphills settled in North Carolina and then came to Georgia, so the bulk of my research (so far) is confined […]

Dalton-Whitfield Library – 10 Books

10 books from the Dalton-Whitfield Library that I want to review: Hinshaw, William Wade, Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy Sistler, Byron, Index to early Tennessee tax lists The parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. from 1653 to 1812 Adams, Lela C, 1778-1780 tax lists of Henry County, Virginia Barnes, Robert William, Maryland marriages, […]

What’s New – 1/7/09

New Marriage Records James Butler-Nancy Floyd Marriage License John Ward-Martha Jane Butler Marriage License New Census Records Found 1870 – Dave “Ballard” (possibly Dave S. Butler) 1920 & 1930 – Newton C. Ward household 1910 & 1930 – William LaFayette Roberts household 1930 – J. A. Hemphill household 1910 – Elijah M. Roberts household (includes […]

mtDNA Results

About a year ago, I had an mtDNA test performed by FamilyTreeDNA.   mtDNA is short for mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mother to daughter to daughter, ad infinitum (it is also passed from mother to son, but sons do not pass down their mother’s mtDNA).  In other words, mtDNA traces the direct maternal line.  […]

What’s New – 12/31/08


I‘ve been slack about keeping notes on my research results the last few weeks, which doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of activity.  I’ve had several days off work for the holidays and have spent much of that time researching.  Here are just a few of the new records: Marriage Records John Patterson-Sarah Jane […]

Murray County, Georgia: Research Resources and Links

Murray County was formed in 1832 at the time of the Cherokee Land Lottery and began to be settled in the late 1830’s.  Many of my family members live or have lived in Murray County, Georgia; some were among those first settlers.  The current count is 138 individuals who lived, died, or had events in […]

Murray County Library – 10 Books

Ten genealogy books at the Murray County Library that I want to review: Murray County, Georgia marriages : 1907-1941 Teague, Gene E., Pickens County, Georgia cemetery records Georgia cemetery records 1851 census of Cherokees East of the Mississippi : Murray County, Georgia Gilmer County Georgia Heritage : 1832-1996 Clemens, William Montgomery, North and South Carolina […]