Census Research Checklist

25 February 2011 Research

The fifth lesson in the NGS Home Study Course is about census records.  I use census records all the time and didn’t learn anything new; however, as with most of the lessons so far, doing the assignments brought out holes in my research. The first assignment in this lesson is to create a census research […]

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The 1930 Household of Jim Butler

17 February 2011 Analysis

Census abstract1: James B. Butler, Head, rented home for $20, did not live on a farm, male, white, age 49, married for the first time at age 25, did not attend school during the year, literate, b. GA, father b. G, mother b. NC, occupied as Sheriff of Murray County where he worked for wages, […]

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Marriage of E. M. Ellis and Lou Campbell

8 February 2011 And More
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Hemphills in the Neighborhood

7 February 2011 Research

While transcribing 1930 census records for the 50 households surrounding James A. Hemphill, I found two households headed by his relatives.  I wasn’t surprised to find them, because I knew where their houses were in relation to my great-grandparents, but it was nice how the census work came together and saved me from searching specifically […]

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February Genealogy To-Dos

1 February 2011 And More

Here is my to-do list for February, mapped to my annual goals. Research Forrester research:  I got an email from a new-found Forrester cousin last month with a good bit of census information.  I want to follow up on this and test her conclusions to see if I agree.  My brick-wall ancestor appears to be […]

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Genealogy To-Dos – January Wrap-Up

31 January 2011 And More

I got about 90% of my to-do list completed, so I call that a good month. Research Process 5 headstone photos from the cemeteries I visited last Autumn (this includes entering data into RootsMagic, (possibly) writing Tombstone Tuesday posts, and adding the photos to TNG). – Done.  I finished Chatsworth Heights Cemetery and started Ballground […]

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Research Plan: Finding marriage record for William West and Leaty Lankford

18 January 2011 Research

I promised myself that I would start writing research plans this year, specifically one per month.  Here is my first attempt: Objective: To locate a marriage license or other record of William West’s and Leaty Lankford’s marriage. Proven facts: They were married (as stated on both their death certificates). They had a two-year-old child on […]

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Treasure Chest Thursday: Greenlee-Hemphill Marriage

13 January 2011 And More

William Harvey Greenlee and Kate Young Hemphill were married on March 31, 1891 in Murray County, Georgia1. Kate was my great-grandfather’s (James A. Hemphill) sister.  After her marriage, Kate moved to McDowell County, North Carolina, the ancestral home of both her parents.  The photograph in the collage shows their family about 18 years after they […]

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Genealogy Research in Federal Prison Records

7 January 2011 Research

One of the classes I attended at FGS was “Federal Prison Records: Atlanta, Leavenworth, Alcatraz, and McNeil.”  The course was presented by Maureen Hill, Archives Specialist at the National Archives at Atlanta. I have a couple of people in my family tree that spent several years in federal prison in the 1890’s.  Although they were […]

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Walter P. Hemphill: Analysis of a Death Certificate

3 January 2011 Analysis

This is another Georgia death certificate that I located via a search at FamilySearch Labs (read more about finding Georgia Death Certificates).  Walter P. Hemphill was my great-grandfather’s brother, making him my second-great-uncle.  I knew a little about Walter prior to finding this death certificate, but it also provided several new bits of information and […]

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