10 Things I Love About TNG (My Genealogy Software)

18 July 2009 Technology

My main genealogy software is The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding.  This software can be used as a stand-alone product or with a desktop genealogy program.  I use Legacy for a few things, but use TNG for all my data entry and storage.  If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of […]

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WordPress-TNG Mashup a Success

25 October 2008 Technology

Update:  I no longer use the mashup described below.  I’m now using the TNG/Wordpress plug-in available here. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Finally, the new look of the website, with WordPress and TNG integrated is unveiled! As I posted a few weeks ago, I was attempting to follow directions to integrate WordPress and TNG.  I had a few problems, […]

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Organizing Digital Photos with Metadata

12 October 2008 Technology

As mentioned a few days ago, I recently lost all the photo links in my genealogy database; this also included losing the source data for those photos.  I’ve been uploading my photos, and since I want them to be properly cited, I’ve been searching for the source records.  To aid in future recovery projects, as […]

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Easy Source Citations

7 October 2008 Research

I spent many years in academia, so proper source citations are important to me.  I love my database software because it automatically builds footnotes, linked to sources, based on form entries; however, I’ve been a bit frustrated because the citation form wasn’t available for photos, documents, etc. I’ve recently discovered EasyBib, which creates MLA citations […]

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The Moral of the Story. . .

4 October 2008 Research

Since my last post, I’ve decided to completely redo both the genealogy site and the blog and now I’m left with a mess that includes not only a partially functioning database and loss of all my media links, but also a renewed determination to make this thing work like I want it to. The Backstory […]

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Website Update

28 September 2008 Research

This summer, TNG came out with a new version of the software I use to power my genealogy website. I had put off upgrading, because, frankly, I was apprehensive; I was afraid I would “break” the site and I wasn’t sure how much time would be required to redo all the modifications I had made. […]

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Interview with a Grandmother

30 December 2007 Research

The Oral History Project is now underway. I bought the toys yesterday, namely a digital voice recorder and speech recognition software. Today I visited my grandmother and, with a little prompting, got her started down the reminiscence road. She talked for about an hour and a half and I got some great stories. For example, […]

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To-Do List

24 December 2007 Technology

One of the challenges I face when working on a new project is that I want everything completed right now. For some reason, I’m fine with the genealogy research being long-term, but I become overwhelmed with all the things I want to do on the website. It would be easy for me to focus all […]

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