Civil War

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Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 ELLIS, John Alexander  1864Civil War I588 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 ELLIS, Joseph J.  15 Jan 1864Civil War I552 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 ELLIS, Madison Alexander  3 Sep 1862Civil War I500 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 ELLIS, Radford Asberry  20 Sep 1863Civil War I556 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 ELLIS, Richard Parks  1863Civil War I489 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 HANNAN, Emasiah W  1865Civil War I539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 HEMPHILL, Israel Lafayette  12 May 1864Civil War I917 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 HEMPHILL, Israel Leander  26 Jun 1862Civil War I920 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 HEMPHILL, John Posey  5 Mar 1865Civil War I922 Kendrick-Hemphill 
10 LYTLE, George Watson  17 May 1864Civil War I1993 Kendrick-Hemphill 
11 MCKIE, Franklin L.  1865Civil War I4280 Kendrick-Hemphill 
12 MCKIE, John Scott  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I4285 Kendrick-Hemphill 
13 MCKIE, Saml. J.  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I4277 Kendrick-Hemphill 
14 MCKIE, Thos. C.  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I4276 Kendrick-Hemphill 
15 WHITESIDE, John Adolphus  1 Aug 1864Civil War I1338 Kendrick-Hemphill 
16 WHITESIDE, Jonathan Leander Sr.  10 Jul 1863Civil War I1337 Kendrick-Hemphill 


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Military   Person ID   Tree 
1 ATCHLEY, W. D.  1861–1865Civil War I4094 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 BAXTER, Barbara E.  17 Dec 1932Civil War I1657 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 BROOKSHIRE, Levi  From 1862 to 1863Civil War I2171 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 BUTLER, James B.  From 17 Jun 1861 to 6 Nov 1861Civil War I1533 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 BUTLER, James B.  From Bef 2 Sep 1864 to 15 Jun 1865Civil War I1533 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 BUTLER, John M.  4 Mar 1862Civil War I1074 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 CHABLE, Alphonse  From Abt 1861 to 1865Civil War I2662 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 DANIEL, Lieutenant Colonel David Chisolm  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I4160 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 DANIEL, James Hemphill  1861–1865Civil War I4164 Kendrick-Hemphill 
10 DANIEL, John McEntire  1861–1865Civil War I4161 Kendrick-Hemphill 
11 DANIEL, William Graves  From Abt 1861 to 1865Civil War I4165 Kendrick-Hemphill 
12 DEBORD, Anna  1862Civil War I1538 Kendrick-Hemphill 
13 ELLIS, Madison Alexander  1 Mar 1861Civil War I500 Kendrick-Hemphill 
14 ELLIS, Richard Parks  23 Sep 1861Civil War I489 Kendrick-Hemphill 
15 FERGUSON, Robert Cunningham  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I2631 Kendrick-Hemphill 
16 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  28 Mar 1862Civil War I1531 Kendrick-Hemphill 
17 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  From 1 Mar 1863 to 27 Apr 1865Civil War I1531 Kendrick-Hemphill 
18 HEMPHILL, Israel Leander  9 May 1861Civil War I920 Kendrick-Hemphill 
19 HEMPHILL, Israel Leander  5 Apr 1862Civil War I920 Kendrick-Hemphill 
20 HEMPHILL, James Young  From 1863 to 1865Civil War I1548 Kendrick-Hemphill 
21 HEMPHILL, John Posey  Civil War I922 Kendrick-Hemphill 
22 HEMPHILL, Thomas Bratcher  15 Mar 1862Civil War I1805 Kendrick-Hemphill 
23 HEMPHILL, Thomas Patton  10 May 1862Civil War I921 Kendrick-Hemphill 
24 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  1864Civil War I1769 Kendrick-Hemphill 
25 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  18 Feb 1908Civil War I1769 Kendrick-Hemphill 
26 LANGSTON, Mariah M.  26 Feb 1901Civil War I1629 Kendrick-Hemphill 
27 LANKFORD, David N.  1862Civil War I2623 Kendrick-Hemphill 
28 LANKFORD, Leaty Caroline  7 Jun 1928Civil War I363 Kendrick-Hemphill 
29 LAWSON, Marshall  From 10 Feb 1864 to 1 Aug 1865Civil War I148 Kendrick-Hemphill 
30 LYTLE, Thomas L.  Civil War I3564 Kendrick-Hemphill 
31 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  10 Mar 1862Civil War I1910 Kendrick-Hemphill 
32 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  From May 1864 to 19 Sep 1961Civil War I854 Kendrick-Hemphill 
33 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  27 Sep 1910Civil War I1599 Kendrick-Hemphill 
34 O'NEAL, Andrew J.  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I2603 Kendrick-Hemphill 
35 O'NEAL, George W.  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I2629 Kendrick-Hemphill 
36 O'NEAL, John Houston  Sep 1861–JUN 1865Civil War I2604 Kendrick-Hemphill 
37 O'NEAL, Martin V.  1861–1865Civil War I2602 Kendrick-Hemphill 
38 O'NEAL, Richard Madison  Abt 1861–1865Civil War I2601 Kendrick-Hemphill 
39 O'NEAL, William Houston  Abt 1861–1863Civil War I2626 Kendrick-Hemphill 
40 PATTERSON, Henson  From 25 Jan 1864 to 16 Dec 1864Civil War I1087 Kendrick-Hemphill 
41 PRESSLEY, Monterville  Civil War I4738 Kendrick-Hemphill 
42 ROBERTS, Monteville  1863Civil War I1628 Kendrick-Hemphill 
43 SAUNDERS, Francis A.  18 Aug 1910Civil War I1849 Kendrick-Hemphill 
44 SEARCY, Alfred Harrison  From 9 Oct 1861 to 9 Oct 1862Civil War I2260 Kendrick-Hemphill 
45 SEARCY, Alfred Harrison  1863Civil War I2260 Kendrick-Hemphill 
46 SEARCY, William Osborn  3 Jul 1861Civil War I1927 Kendrick-Hemphill 
47 WEST, William M  From 1862 to 1865Civil War I362 Kendrick-Hemphill 
48 WEST, William M  18 May 1897Civil War I362 Kendrick-Hemphill 
49 WHITENER, Phillip B.  3 Jul 1861Civil War I1529 Kendrick-Hemphill 

Physical Description

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Physical Description   Person ID   Tree 
1 BUTLER, James B.  17 Jun 1861Civil War I1533 Kendrick-Hemphill 

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