Rutherford County, North Carolina

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Tree: Kendrick-Hemphill
Latitude: 35.40, Longitude: -81.92


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 DANIEL, Major Chisholm  5 Oct 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I111 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 DEBORD, Anna  4 Mar 1804Rutherford County, North Carolina I1538 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 DEBORD, Edward  Abt 1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I2268 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 HEMPHILL, Amanda M.  28 Jun 1822Rutherford County, North Carolina I1451 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 LEDBETTER, John W. Jr.  1813Rutherford County, North Carolina I1360 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 LYNCH, Catherine Elmira  31 Mar 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I1369 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 SEARCY, Alfred Harrison  25 Nov 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I2260 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 SEARCY, Hiram W.  7 Jan 1796Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 SEARCY, Joel Elbert  14 Jun 1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I1926 Kendrick-Hemphill 
10 SEARCY, Robert William  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1988 Kendrick-Hemphill 
11 SEARCY, Sentha M  2 Mar 1829Rutherford County, North Carolina I2261 Kendrick-Hemphill 
12 STROUD, Mary  1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I678 Kendrick-Hemphill 
13 STROUD, Nancy  18 Oct 1798Rutherford County, North Carolina I675 Kendrick-Hemphill 
14 STROUD, Sarah  Abt Jan 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I677 Kendrick-Hemphill 
15 STROUD, William P.  Jun 1805Rutherford County, North Carolina I680 Kendrick-Hemphill 
16 SULLINS, John Fletcher  Abt 1805Rutherford County, North Carolina I1050 Kendrick-Hemphill 
17 SULLINS, Mary Narcisa  Dec 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I1054 Kendrick-Hemphill 
18 SULLINS, Nancy  23 Nov 1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1052 Kendrick-Hemphill 
19 SULLINS, William  16 Jun 1828Rutherford County, North Carolina I1051 Kendrick-Hemphill 
20 WHITESIDE, Andrew Marion  1822Rutherford County, North Carolina I1329 Kendrick-Hemphill 
21 WHITESIDE, Eleanor Kelly  6 Feb 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I1342 Kendrick-Hemphill 
22 WHITESIDE, Harvey Lafayette  30 Jan 1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I1339 Kendrick-Hemphill 
23 WHITESIDE, Infant  25 Mar 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I1334 Kendrick-Hemphill 
24 WHITESIDE, James Hardy  10 Jun 1818Rutherford County, North Carolina I1327 Kendrick-Hemphill 
25 WHITESIDE, James McEntire  1 May 1835Rutherford County, North Carolina I1343 Kendrick-Hemphill 
26 WHITESIDE, John Adolphus  6 Mar 1825Rutherford County, North Carolina I1338 Kendrick-Hemphill 
27 WHITESIDE, John General Jackson  1814Rutherford County, North Carolina I1325 Kendrick-Hemphill 
28 WHITESIDE, Jonathan Leander Sr.  21 Mar 1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I1337 Kendrick-Hemphill 
29 WHITESIDE, Marcus De Lafayette  1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I1331 Kendrick-Hemphill 
30 WHITESIDE, Mary Ann Eliza  6 Aug 1828Rutherford County, North Carolina I1340 Kendrick-Hemphill 
31 WHITESIDE, Moses  Abt 1818Rutherford County, North Carolina I627 Kendrick-Hemphill 
32 WHITESIDE, Thomas Hemphill Washington  17 Dec 1816Rutherford County, North Carolina I1326 Kendrick-Hemphill 
33 WHITESIDE, William Jackson  28 Mar 1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1341 Kendrick-Hemphill 
34 WHITESIDE, William Lamar Decatur  16 Dec 1826Rutherford County, North Carolina I1332 Kendrick-Hemphill 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 BALLARD, Mildred  1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I1727 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 DALTON, David  1804Rutherford County, North Carolina I1724 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 DALTON, Frances  1825Rutherford County, North Carolina I1722 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 EDWARDS, Martha  Aft 1 Jun 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina I1736 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 LYNCH, Catherine Elmira  19 Sep 1910Rutherford County, North Carolina I1369 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 SEARCY, John  1883Rutherford County, North Carolina I1986 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 SEARCY, Sentha M  2 Jul 1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I2261 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 SEARCY, William  1835Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 WHITESIDE, Infant  27 Mar 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I1334 Kendrick-Hemphill 
10 WHITESIDE, James Hardy  7 Apr 1861Rutherford County, North Carolina I1327 Kendrick-Hemphill 
11 WHITESIDE, Thomas Hemphill Washington  1869Rutherford County, North Carolina I1326 Kendrick-Hemphill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 DALTON, Frances  1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I1722 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 DALTON, Frances  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1722 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 DALTON, Frances  1820Rutherford County, North Carolina I1722 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 DEBORD, Anna  1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1538 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 DEBORD, John  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1737 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 EDWARDS, Martha  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1736 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 SEARCY, Hiram W.  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 SEARCY, Hiram W.  1820Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 SEARCY, Hiram W.  1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
10 SEARCY, Levina J.  1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1528 Kendrick-Hemphill 
11 SEARCY, William  1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 
12 SEARCY, William  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 
13 SEARCY, William  1820Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 
14 SEARCY, William  1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Miscellaneous   Person ID   Tree 
1 SEARCY, Hiram W.  6 Mar 1832Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Property   Person ID   Tree 
1 SEARCY, Hiram W.  13 Jan 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I1539 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 SEARCY, William  1829Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 DALTON, David  1782Rutherford County, North Carolina I1724 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 SEARCY, William  1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I1723 Kendrick-Hemphill 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 SEARCY / DALTON  19 Oct 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina F98 Kendrick-Hemphill 
2 MARLOW / DEBORD  5 Jul 1817Rutherford County, North Carolina F381 Kendrick-Hemphill 
3 HILL / DEBORD  10 Feb 1819Rutherford County, North Carolina F383 Kendrick-Hemphill 
4 SEARCY / DEBORD  3 Jan 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina F16 Kendrick-Hemphill 
5 SULLINS / BUTLER  13 Jul 1826Rutherford County, North Carolina F656 Kendrick-Hemphill 
6 DEBORD / BATES  6 Mar 1832Rutherford County, North Carolina F379 Kendrick-Hemphill 
7 WHITESIDE / LYNCH  26 May 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina F777 Kendrick-Hemphill 
8 WHITESIDE / LYNCH  17 Aug 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina F791 Kendrick-Hemphill 
9 WHITESIDE / EDGERTON  9 Mar 1846Rutherford County, North Carolina F792 Kendrick-Hemphill 

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