Murray County Marriage Records

I visited the Murray County Probate Court last week and came away with nine copies of marriage records.  I went in with a pedigree chart highlighting direct ancestors who were married (or who I thought may have been married) in Murray County.  I had marriage dates for many of them, so my goal was to […]

Where Was the Wyatt Lankford Family in 1860?

This week I’m looking for ancestors of Leaty (Lankford) West, whose gravestone I found several weeks ago.  I have her parents as Wyatt Lankford and Morning Tabitha Bruer. “Wiet” and Morning Lankford were enumerated on the 1880 Census in the Alaculsa District of Murray County, Georgia.  I feel somewhat confident that these are Leaty’s parents, because […]

Preparing for a Library Visit

With so much information available online, it’s easy to forget the wealth of publications that are only available in print or on microfilm and that can often be found at libraries. I find it helpful to prepare before visiting a library, otherwise I become overwhelmed with all the choices when I get there.  Most libraries […]

Miscellaneous New Records Added


New Source Records 1850 Census – Joseph Garrett, John Garrett, and Coleman Forrester households (all on same page) 1860 Census – Joseph Garrett (in the James Greenwood household) 1870 Census – Robert Garrett household 1860 Census – Joshua Curtis household (includes Mary Stroud) 1880 Census – Martin Curtis household (includes Mary Stroud) 1910 Census – […]

Amos and Betty Johnson Headstone

Amos Johnson and his wife Betty are buried in Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery in Gilmer County, Georgia.  They may be my 3x-great-grandparents, Amos and Elizabeth; however the dates don’t quite match up. Census records (1850 and 1860) indicate that Amos Johnson was born about 1826, while the birthdate on this stone is 1817.  The stone also records Amos’ […]

Seeking Robert West Information

I‘m looking for information on Robert West, who may have been my 3x great-grandfather. I’ve identified Robert as the father of William West, my great-great-grandfather based on two facts: 1) the Robert West family includes a William W. West in 1850 and 1860 in Polk County, Tennessee, and 2) William himself was enumerated as head […]


It fascinates me to find connections between different branches of my family tree, possibly because I’ve always known there was a connection between my parents (besides the obvious). Before you start thinking “cocktails in Appalachia,” I should explain that this is not a close connection.  My father’s (maternal) great-grandmother is my mother’s (paternal) first cousin […]

New Johnson and Stroud Records


New Source Records 1850, 1860, 1870 Census:  Thomas M. Johnson family 1860 Census:  Martin V. Johnson household.  This is a very strange household.  It includes three adult males (Martin, Benjamin, and Newton) and two little girls (Catherine and Racheal). 1790 Census:  Peter Stroud (Jr.) household. 1790 Census: Peter Stroud (Sr.) household. 1840 Census:  Elijah Ellis household – […]

An Almost-Missed Finding

I received an email from Ancestry today with “Possible record matches” in the subject line.   Those of you who use Ancestry know that they give you hints, with little green leaves indicating some sort of match in their records, whether it be in another tree, a historical record, etc.  This email contained three such hints.  […]

Monteville Roberts’ Family Business

Monteville Roberts owned and operated, with the help of family, the combined business establishment of a mill for grinding corn into meal and wheat into flour, a blacksmith shop, and general repair shop, all of which were vitally essential to the people. The combined enterprise, in Hamilton County, Tennessee, provided a flourishing business a home […]