Which Edmund Tilley?


The father of my 5th great-grandfather Stephen Tilley was Edmund Tilley.  I had very little information on Edmund and what I did have was sketchily sourced.  I recently acquired some more information on this line and it had a completely different death date and place for Edmund.  As in 35 years different.  Dates in genealogy […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Captain Thomas Lytle

Captain Thomas Lytle Headstone

Thomas Lytle served several tours in the American Revolution.  He was a captain in Brevard’s North Carolina Legion and was present at King’s Mountain, although he did not fight in the battle.  He died 31 March 1835 and is buried at Bethel UMC-Old Cherry Springs Cemetery in Old Fort, North Carolina.  He was my 5th […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-07-07


RT @FamilyStories: RT @authorjswan: A writer’s technique: the idea notebook: http://wp.me/pQSoo-6x #writers #authors #genealogy # RT @evernote: See how social media expert and best-selling author @chrisbrogan uses Evernote to keep himself organized: http://bit.ly/cIZnk0 # RT @savingstories: Read about a sly way to find living decendants: http://bit.ly/9iTyeX #genealogy # Blog post: July #Genealogy To-Dos http://ht.ly/25Yhz # […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-06-16


Currently reading: Search Engines for #Genealogy Going Beyond Google http://ht.ly/1Wu4o # Currently reading: Online Death Records and Indexes – New Additions and Updates http://ht.ly/1WueR #genealogy # Currently reading: Can You Teach an Old Genealogist New Tricks? http://ht.ly/1Wuso #genealogy # Reading: The Battle of Athens http://ht.ly/1WD2z . My grandfather was involved in this. . . # […]

And the iGene Award Goes To

Carnival of Genealogy

Welcome to the 2009 iGene Awards, spotlighting Tonia’s Roots.  We’ll be celebrating the best posts of 2009 and presenting awards for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Documentary, and Best Biography. The nominees for Best Picture are. . . F. M. Kendrick Mariah (Langston) Roberts Mary Elizabeth (McEntire) Hemphill And the winner is. . . Mariah […]

Surname Saturday: Top 10 Ellis Research Resources


Ellis is the second-most common surname in my genealogy database.  These are the 10 resources that I have found to be most helpful in researching these family members. “Ellis and Keener Connections” – a family tree compiled by Lynda Gibbs and housed at Rootsweb World Connect.  Some of you are groaning that WorldConnect family trees […]

Fighting for a New Nation

As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our nation, I want to take a moment to recognize my ancestors who fought for (or supported the fight for) our freedom and independence.  I have seventeen ancestors and relatives who were involved in the American Revolution.  To see the complete list, click here.  […]

Daughters of the American Revolution

I’ve decided to join the DAR.  I’ve thought about this for awhile and finally decided to go forward for a variety of reasons. Identifying Revolutionary War patriots is one of the things that originally got me interested in genealogy. Obtaining access to the DAR genealogy files. Completing the rigorous application process will be a test […]

William Brookshire’s Revolutionary War Service

William Brookshire, my 5x great-grandfather, served several tours of duty in the American Revolution.  He was drafted for his first tour in Rowan County, North Carolina in August of 1775 or 1776.    Under the command of General Griffith Rutherford, his militia company marched upon the Cherokee Nation, but found that the Indians had fled.  General […]