On this date. . .the 28th of April

Births Adeline Crawford (Burgin) Harris was born in 1826 in Burke County, North Carolina. Cynthia Caroline (Reed) Whitener was born in 1882 in Cannon County, Tennessee. Robert West was born in 1888 in Murray County, Georgia. Marriages Sarah Bane and Thomas Hoopes were married in 1763. Click on any link above to see more information […]

On this date. . .the 25th of April

Births John Clemons Roberts was born in 1884. Abner Carl Roberts was born in 1889 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Mary Margaret Greenlee was born in 1892 in Murray County, Georgia. Rebecca Gertrude Greenlee was born in 1900. Marriages James Bane and Ruth Wall were married in 1765 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

On this date. . .the 3rd of April

Births Jesse Burgin was born in 1803 in Burke County, North Carolina. Amanda Melvina Jane (Heartsill) Roberts was born in 1862 in Tennessee. Deaths Reverend Thomas Mallory died in 1644 in Chester, England (currently believed to be my 10th great-grandfather). Jane (Bane) Chamberlain died in 1777. Rachel (Hemphill) Whiteside died in 1833 in Bills Creek, […]

On this date. . .the 27th of December

Births Maria Catharina (Heckel) Meyer was born in 1698. Elijah Marion Ellis was born in 1859 in 1859 in Spring Place, Georgia. Christenings Marie Deboarde was christened in 1664 in Berwick Upon Tweed, England. Deaths Alberta Roberts died in 1949 in Murray County, Georgia. Marriages Nathan Bane and Mary Cock were married in 1735. Alvin […]

On this date. . .the 10th of December

Births Nancy Clarissa (Whiteside) Roden was born in 1826 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Lillian Irene (Ridley) Roberts was born in 1886 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Ethel Whitener died in 1934 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sarah Louise (Pendley) Adams died in 1995 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Marriages Neomi Bane and John Godby were married in […]

On this date. . .the 25th of November

November 25th On this date

Births Daniel Bane was born in 1723. Alfred Harrison Searcy was born in 1824 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Deaths Clara Anna (MNU) Dellinger died in 1745. Malinda (Burgin) Hemphill died in 1828 in Old Fort, North Carolina (my 4th great-grandmother). David Quarles died in 1864 in Gilmer County, Georgia. Marriages Anna Barbara Albright and […]

On this date. . .the 1st of October

Births Harriett Searcy was born in 1839 in North Carolina. Jasper Newton Kendrick was born in 1878 in Georgia. Annie E. (Roberts) Parrish was born in 1889 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Amy (Bane) Cope died in 1799. Harvey LaFayette Whiteside died in 1847 in Rabbit Town, Calhoun, Alabama. Margaret A. (Stroud) Stanfield died in […]