On this date. . .the 8th of May

Births Naomi (Beamer) Roberts was born in 1853 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Alfred O. Flowers was born in 1909. Deaths Henry Washington Woolf, Sr. died in 1889 in Hopkins County, Texas. Marriages Walter Ellis and Mary Parker were married in 1776 (my 5th great-grandparents).

On this date. . .the 30th of November


Births Benjamin Burgin was born in 1741 in Shrewsbury Parish, Maryland (my 6th great-grandfather). Charles Patterson was born in 1860. Edgar Earnest Roberts was born in 1886 in Murray County, Georgia. Bessie (Roberts) McCandless was born in 1888. Sarah Louise Pendley was born in 1925 in Akron, Ohio. Deaths Sarah Miller died in 1895. Ruby […]

On this date. . .the 20th of August

Births Agnes (Kattermann) Dellinger was born in 1634 (currently believed to be my 9th great-grandmother). Catherina Margaretha Dellinger was born in 1733. Sarah Jane (unknown) Tucker was born in 1846. Deaths Naomi (Beamer) Roberts died in 1831. William Smith Powell died in 1918 in Atlanta, Georgia. Cordeale Josephine (Kendrick) Caylor died in 1928 in Cisco, […]