Surname Saturday: Lankford/Langford

My Lankford/Langford family line starts with Leaty Caroline, my great-great grandmother.  Leaty’s birthdate is in question.  Her headstone says 20 July 1848.  Her death certificate says 1848.  The 1900 census states Jan 1860 and various other censuses imply 1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, and 1852.  She was probably born in Tennessee.  She married William West 20 […]

January Genealogy To-Dos

I began blogging my genealogy to-dos last month and I’m pleased with the results.  Having the list out here for all to see keeps me accountable, plus I don’t feel like I’m tearing off in a hundred directions at once.  I can stay focused on what I want to accomplish this month and as I […]

Genealogy To-Dos – December Wrap-Up


December was my first month posting a list of genealogy tasks that I wanted to accomplish during the month.  How did I do? Look for marriage record for John William Stroud and Mary Jane Hemphill. – Done.  Okay, I forgot about it until I printed my list this morning.  But it was easy to find, […]

Weekly Update: December 30, 2009

Uploaded 1920 U. S. Census, Oklahoma, Hughes, Dustin, p. 10B. Ledbetter, Patterson #surnames Reading Above the Trees: 15-Minute Family History: Make a Holiday Binder New blog post: Surname Saturday: Hemphill, part 1 Abstracted 1860 census info for Robert WEST (1839 – ?) & family in Polk County, TN. Abstracted 1900 census […]

Weekly Updates for 2009-12-16

Received my first (free!) Early Reviewer book from Library Thing! # Uploaded 1910 Census, Georgia, Murray, Alaculsy, p5A. Kendrick, Baxter, Sharp #surnames. # Just found out @FHExpos is coming to Atlanta in Nov. 2010. Now I know what genealogy conference I’m going to. # I might. Thanks for the info. RT @CRBourland: […]

Who Were Morning Tabitha Bruer’s Parents?

I have very little information on Morning Tabitha Bruer.  She is the wife of Wyatt Lankford and the mother of my g-g-grandmother, Leaty (Lankford) West.  She was enumerated as “Tobitha Lankford” on the 1850 census in Polk County, Tennessee.  She was enumerated as “Morning T. Lankford” on the 1880 census in Murray County, Georgia.  The […]

Where Was the Wyatt Lankford Family in 1860?

This week I’m looking for ancestors of Leaty (Lankford) West, whose gravestone I found several weeks ago.  I have her parents as Wyatt Lankford and Morning Tabitha Bruer. “Wiet” and Morning Lankford were enumerated on the 1880 Census in the Alaculsa District of Murray County, Georgia.  I feel somewhat confident that these are Leaty’s parents, because […]