On this date. . .the 8th of March

8 March 2011 On this date

Births Ann Ellis was born in 1781 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Adele (Chable) Triplett Campbell was born in 1875. Albert Early Roberts was born in 1882 in Murray County, Georgia. Ellen (Roberts) Stuart was born in 1884 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Robert Garrett died in 1906 in Ellijay, Georgia (my 3rd great-grandfather). Justin […]

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On this date. . .the 7th of March

7 March 2011 On this date

Births Ruby (Beamer) Butler was born in 1913. Deaths Catherine (McDonald) Hemphill died in 1855. Thomas Stroud died in 1858 in Logan County, Illinois. Adele (Chable) Triplett Campbell died in 1953. Bondell (Ward) Fain died in 2008 in North Olmstead, Ohio.

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On this date. . .the 8th of February

8 February 2011 On this date

Deaths Barbara (Whitener) Dellinger died in 1840 in Catawba County, North Carolina. Rhoda Salina (Whitener) Bollinger died in 1900 in Burke County, North Carolina. Marriages Rebecca Tallulah Campbell and Elijah Marion Ellis were married in 1880 in Murray County, Georgia. James Benjamin Butler and Maud Angeline Whitener were married in 1906 in Murray County, Georgia […]

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On this date. . .the 17th of July

17 July 2010 On this date

Deaths Queen Victoria (Sullins) Campbell died in 1917 in Royal, Alabama. Updated July 11, 2011

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