Chester County PA

On this date. . .the 25th of April

25 April 2011 On this date

Births John Clemons Roberts was born in 1884. Abner Carl Roberts was born in 1889 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Mary Margaret Greenlee was born in 1892 in Murray County, Georgia. Rebecca Gertrude Greenlee was born in 1900. Marriages James Bane and Ruth Wall were married in 1765 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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On this date. . .the 19th of February

19 February 2011 On this date

Births John Garrett was born in 1739 in Kennet, Pennsylvania (my 5th great-grandfather). Marriages William Garrett and Ann Kirke were married in 1668 (currently believed to be my 7th great-grandparents).

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