On this date. . .the 18th of May

Births Anna Blandina (Dellinger) Endres was born in 1686. Deaths Mary Polly (Atchley) Langston died in 1894 in Bradley County, Tennessee (my 4th great-grandmother). David Sanford Butler died in 1938 in Chatsworth, Georgia (my 2nd great-grandfather). Syble Alice Viola (Roberts) Kilgore died in 1984 in Murray County, Georgia.

On this date. . .the 9th of February

Births Jane Hemphill was born in 1785 in Old Fort, North Carolina. Levi Brookshire was born in 1830 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Roxie (Mathis) Ellis was born in 1896. Deaths Johans Michael Endres died in 1759 in Oberacker, Baden. Click on any link above to see more information about these individuals, including source citations. […]