Evernote for Genealogy: Quick Tip #3

5 August 2013 Technology

In the last installment of my Quick Tips on using Evernote for Genealogy, I talked about using the Evernote Web Clipper to clip information from the interwebs.  Today, I’m going to tell you about another tool that can make your web clips even better.  It’s an add-on called Clearly and it is hands-down my favorite […]

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Evernote for Genealogy: Quick Tip #2

22 July 2013 Technology

Welcome to the second installment in my series of Quick Tips on using Evernote for Genealogy.  One of the most popular uses for Evernote is to clip information from the interwebs.  Webclips are especially useful in genealogy, because we come across so much information that we want to keep and refer back to in the […]

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Evernote for Genealogy: Quick Tip #1

8 July 2013 Technology

Some of you know that I presented a webinar for the Southern California Genealogical Society last weekend. The topic was “Transform Your Note-taking and Remember Everything with Evernote.” There was so much interest in the topic and so many questions from participants that I’ve decided to start an occasional series of Evernote Quick Tips. Before […]

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11 Must-Have Apps for Genealogy

19 March 2013 Technology

As more people carry smart phones and tablets on a daily basis, we want to be able to use those devices in our genealogy research. Here are few apps that I could not live without (note: I use Apple devices, so this post will not cover Android and other operating systems; however, please leave comments […]

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Why I (Sometimes) Like OneNote Better than Evernote

2 March 2012 Research

If you are a regular visitor here (or follow me on Twitter), then you know that I love Evernote.  However, sometimes I prefer to use OneNote.  Evernote is the clear leader when it comes to saving and retrieving  notes, but sometimes I want to take notes in a way that Evernote doesn’t support.  That’s when […]

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Making a Research List of Published Family Histories

24 February 2012 Research

Once upon a time I had a list of published family histories and other books that I wanted to consult. I kept it on my phone. This was three or four phones ago, and when that phone died, the list went with it. I never got around to re-creating the list and I only remember […]

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SSDI Mining

18 February 2012 Research

Earlier this week, Randy Seaver wrote a post called “Are You Prepared to Research Without the SSDI?” about mining SSDI data, in case we lose access to this valuable resource.  I thought this was a great idea, so I’ve spent several hours this week working the SSDI database and it has been time well spent. […]

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More Ways I Use Evernote for Genealogy

3 February 2012 Technology

I started using Evernote about 18 months ago (you can read my original post on the subject here) and I wanted to revisit the topic with some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way, as well as highlight some new features. Evernote really has become more and more useful over the last […]

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Weekly Updates for 2010-07-07

7 July 2010 Evidence

RT @FamilyStories: RT @authorjswan: A writer’s technique: the idea notebook: http://wp.me/pQSoo-6x #writers #authors #genealogy # RT @evernote: See how social media expert and best-selling author @chrisbrogan uses Evernote to keep himself organized: http://bit.ly/cIZnk0 # RT @savingstories: Read about a sly way to find living decendants: http://bit.ly/9iTyeX #genealogy # Blog post: July #Genealogy To-Dos http://ht.ly/25Yhz # […]

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Weekly Updates for 2010-06-30

30 June 2010 DNA

Reading “Tribe moves to implement DNA testing for new applicants to Cherokee rolls” http://ht.ly/22wlT #genealogy # Created an @footnote page for Samuel Mackie. http://ht.ly/22RgL #genealogy # Reading: Southern California Genealogical Society’s 2010 Jamboree: The Conclusion http://ht.ly/22YEF||good #genealogy conference tips! # Blog post: Using @Evernote for #Genealogy http://ht.ly/22Wwf # Cleaning up problems in my #genealogy database. […]

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