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Marriage and Death Notices from Asheville, N. C. Newspapers 1840-1870

20 August 2013 Research

When I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in March, I found a book called Marriage and Death Notices from Extant Asheville, N. C. Newspapers 1840-1870 An Index.  It is “an alphabetical index, by surnames, to 432 marriages and 1,181 death notices appearing in extant copies of” seven different newspapers, published […]

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My First Trip to the Family History Library

31 March 2013 And More

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Salt Lake City for the 3rd RootsTech conference. While the conference was fun and interesting, the highlight of my trip was the Family History Library. I knew it would be. I arrived in Salt Lake City about 2:30 MDT and after checking into my hotel, immediately walked […]

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Making a Research List of Published Family Histories

24 February 2012 Research

Once upon a time I had a list of published family histories and other books that I wanted to consult. I kept it on my phone. This was three or four phones ago, and when that phone died, the list went with it. I never got around to re-creating the list and I only remember […]

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Treasure Chest Thursday: Marriage of Ben Hemphill and Martha Lytle

20 January 2011 Analysis

On this date in 1854, my 3rd great-grandfather, Benjamin Burgin Hemphill, obtained a marriage bond in McDowell County, North Carolina to celebrate his marriage to Martha E. Lytle.  I have looked high and low for this piece of evidence and finally found it on microfilm a few weeks ago. The bondsman was G. W. Lytle, […]

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My First FHL Film – Score!

20 November 2010 Research

A few weeks ago I ordered my first microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I had put off using this enormous resource, because my nearest Family History Centers were 45 minutes to an hour away from my home and I didn’t want to “waste” two hours of my limited research […]

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Family History Skills: Family and Published Sources

12 July 2010 And More

I’m slowly working my way through the online “Family History Skills” course offered by the National Genealogical Society.  I just finished Lesson Two:  Family and Published Sources and I really learned a lot.  This lessson covers Published Sources, Finding Published Sources, and Source Citations.  The second section:  Finding Published Sources was the most valuable to me.  […]

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