Family History Skills: Finding Death Information

Last week, I completed Lesson 4:  Finding Death Information of the National Genealogical Society Family History Skills course.  The lesson offered a good overview of finding, deriving, and citing sources for death information.  While much of the basic information I already knew, I did learn about some new potential sources, finding aids, and tools. Sources The […]

Family History Skills: Family and Published Sources

I’m slowly working my way through the online “Family History Skills” course offered by the National Genealogical Society.  I just finished Lesson Two:  Family and Published Sources and I really learned a lot.  This lessson covers Published Sources, Finding Published Sources, and Source Citations.  The second section:  Finding Published Sources was the most valuable to me.  […]

Family History Skills: Genealogical Basics

One of my To-Do items for March is to take the online “Family History Skills course” provided by the National Genealogical Society.   This course is offered free to NGS members;  NSG offers several other online courses for fees, so I wanted to take the free course first, to see if I like it. It’s a […]

March Genealogy To-Dos

I’m getting a better feel for what can be accomplished in a “normal” month, with only weekends and a few weeknights to do genealogy. The to-dos for March are: Write 8 blog posts Abstract (or update previously-done abstractions, if necessary) 8 census pages and update the citations. Index some names on FamilySearch Scan 5 photos […]