On this date. . .the 23rd of March

Deaths Ruth Bertha (Hemphill) Whiteside died in 1847 in Benton County, Alabama. Mary Jane (Hemphill) Stroud died in 1923 near Waco, Texas. Joseph Lytle Burgin died in 1927 in Old Fort, North Carolina. William Camille Chable died in 1963. Olen McEntire Butler died in 1979 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Marriages Constance Fisher and Moses Quarles […]

On this date. . .the 10th of December

Births Nancy Clarissa (Whiteside) Roden was born in 1826 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Lillian Irene (Ridley) Roberts was born in 1886 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Ethel Whitener died in 1934 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sarah Louise (Pendley) Adams died in 1995 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Marriages Neomi Bane and John Godby were married in […]

Butler Ancestors in 1808

Following up on the challenge from Lisa of 100 Years in America, Donna of What’s Past is Prologue has issued a challenge to describe where our ancestors were 200 years ago. In searching through my database, I’ve discovered so many people who were alive in 1808 that this post will focus on the Butler ancestors, […]