Orphans of J. Y. Hemphill

4 September 2013 Analysis

Earlier this year, I mentioned finding a guardianship bond for the children of my 2nd great-grandfather, J. Y. Hemphill.  Here’s what I learned. Transcript: Georgia  Murray County. Know all men by these presents: That we Mary E. Hemphill principal and T. M. Hemphill & J. D. McEntire sureties are bound  unto W H Ramsey Ordinary of said […]

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Surname Saturday: McEntire, part 1

25 May 2013 Bios & Timelines

The first McEntire in my family line is my great-great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth.  She was born 23 February 1841 in Murray County, Georgia, where she lived most of her life.  She married James Young Hemphill on 10 September 1867, also in Murray County.  Elizabeth was J. Y.’s second wife; he first married her sister, Rhoda […]

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Surname Saturday: Patterson

27 April 2013 Bios & Timelines

My Patterson family line starts with Mary Elizabeth, my great-great grandmother.  She was born 7 Feb 1867 in Gilmer County, Georgia, where she lived until after her marriage.  She married William E. Whitener in 1883 and they moved to Murray County, Georgia sometime in the next year or two.  Between 1904 and 1907, they moved […]

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William West Confederate Pension Application

23 September 2012 Analysis

This is one of 17 pages of William West’s application for an Indigent Pension from the state of Georgia for his service in the Civil War. Questions for Applicant   Transcript [boilerplate is in regular font; written answers are italicized] State of Georgia Murray County } William West of said State and County, desiring to […]

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Vann House Days 2012

22 July 2012 And More

This weekend celebrated the 208th anniversary of the building of the Chief Vann House.

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David Sanford Butler’s Funeral Book – Treasure Chest Thursday

31 May 2012 And More

I got a new item for my Treasure Chest last week.  My uncle found a memory book from the funeral of David Sanford Butler.  Dave was my grandmother’s grandfather and since I’m the keeper of the family history, my uncle brought the book to me (yay!). I’ve never seen anything quite like this.  It’s cardboard, […]

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On this date. . .the 30th of June

30 June 2011 On this date

Births Daniel K. Albright was born in 1874. Mary M. Johnson was born in 1889 in Fannin County, Georgia. Clara Josephine Butler was born in 1890 in Georgia. Deaths Mary Emma Hemphill died in 1877. James M. Young died in 1899.

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On this date. . .the 29th of June

29 June 2011 On this date

Deaths Thomas Bane died in 1769. William Henry Roberts died in 1940 in Murray County, Georgia.

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On this date. . .the 26th of June

26 June 2011 On this date

Births Floyd David Butler was born in 1907 in Quanah, Texas. Deaths Israel Leander Hemphill died in 1862 in the Civil War. Elijah Marion Ellis died in 1865 in Spring Place, Georgia (my 3rd great-grandfather). James Madison Ellis died in 1909 in Roundtop, Georgia. John N. Hemphill died in 1957 in Chatsworth, Georgia.

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On this date. . .the 24th of June

24 June 2011 On this date

Births Benjamin Edward Forrester was born in 1850 in Georgia. Deaths Caleb Miller died in 1876 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Rex Venable Whitener died in 1988.

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